Hello Monday – 8/12/19

Happy Monday!! This weekend was amazing!! The weather was lovely and almost chilly in the evenings and we tried to get outside to enjoy as much as possible!

Jeff was off on Friday and the kids had their last day of golf camp. We spent a good portion of the afternoon reading and relaxing by the pool. I am reading The Unhoneymooners and it’s funny! I am almost finished and am hoping to have a review up for you tomorrow!

We picked the kids up for camp and headed out to play nine holes. We don’t have many Friday evenings left as a family because once school starts Jeff works every Friday. This was the perfect way to spend our evening! Everyone got to play just the right amount of golf.

We had our annual Mexican fiesta at the pool on Saturday night. I didn’t take many pictures but we had a great time!I love these flamingo earrings!! Thanks Jamie!! 😻

On Sunday, I got up and ran 7.5 miles for my half-marathon training plan. I was so thrilled that I thought to leave some water at the top of our pool driveway. I should’ve been about 5 miles in when I got to the pool so a water station was perfect.

Unfortunately when I was about a mile from home I got stung by a bee. My hand swelled up and it was pretty uncomfortable all day. I wasn’t thrilled to wake up Monday morning with a still swollen hand.

Luke had his first soccer tournament of the year on Sunday. He had four 30 minute games and did a great job!!

The big brothers made a great cheering section!

After soccer, we met a few friends at the pool to cool off and have pizzas for dinner. We stayed until the pool closed and my kids are still asleep as I type this around 7:15. That is practically unheard of!! All that fresh air this weekend wore them out! #missionaccomplished!

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for my first book review in a while. I’ve been reading some great books!!

Have a great Monday full of sunshine and books!

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