August Goals – 8/8/19

I’m back with my second monthly goal post. Before I get started on my August goals, I thought I’d fill you in on my July progress.

☀️ Eat breakfast every day, and a spoonful of peanut butter doesn’t count.
I found that I don’t really like breakfast foods. I did better eating lunch or dinner foods for breakfast. I reverted back to the spoonful of peanut butter during the last week of July but over all, I did pretty well.

☀️ Eat lunch every day, and hard pretzels at the pool don’t count.
I did it!!! I had a lot of caprese salad with other added veggies. It was so tasty.

☀️ Make dinner 5 nights a week when we’re in town.
I did this one too!!

☀️ Get back to strength training.
I’ve been at the gym every Monday and Wednesday for Pump class when we were in town and I’ve been going to barre class.

☀️ Read a book with each kiddo.
I picked a book to read with each boy and we started reading. We aren’t finished yet though.

☀️ Read 8 books, about 2 per week.
I was 30 minutes shy of meeting my goal. On July 31st, my Kindle said it would take me 28 minutes to finish the book and I dozed off.

August Goals

☀️ Finish reading the books with each kiddo.
Strategies: make use of sports practices, get ready for bed earlier so we have more reading time, read 1st thing in the morning with them

☀️ Eat from our freezer.
Strategies: inventory the freezer, meal plan for the month, keep setting that timer to take things out of the freezer

☀️ Try to use eBay to sell some luggage.
Strategies: research prices and shipping info, set dates for adding items

☀️ Read 6 books.
Strategies: keep reading at the pool, on airplanes, and while waiting for camp pick up, continue with screen time limits

☀️ Plan first 2-4 weeks of school before teachers go back. (I don’t think about school this early, but by the end of August I’ll be back to work)
Strategies: use summer hours to plan, email/collaborate with other media specialists, I can’t really come up with any other strategies because it’s still summer!! 😎

Here’s hoping I can meet these goals!! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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