Friday Favorites – 8/2/19

Happy Friday and happy August!

Everyone here is out buying school supplies while we hit up the clearance pool floats because IT IS STILL SUMMER!!

I am linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share my favorites from the past two weeks.

Favorite 1: BEACH TIME!! We had the best time on the beach last week. There were fun theme days, delicious oysters, flat runs, tough barre classes, and my favorite hats.

We are major beach people and usually go to the beach when we are there. This year we decided to try a few new things and they were so much fun! We chartered a fishing boat for the dads and boys, crabbing one morning, and stand up paddle boarding in the bay.

Favorite 2: GOLF & TENNIS!! I am not so great at golf, but Jack loves it! We have been to the golf course twice this week and he can’t wait to get back. Luke is in camp this week so it’s just Jack and me. He whooped me on Tuesday, but we both had a blast! On Thursday, we hit the tennis courts. Neither of us are great tennis players but we did get a few volleys going back and forth. Most importantly we laughed a bunch and had a great time!

Favorite 3: SOCCER!! Luke is in his first week of full day camp ever and his first week of camp without Jack. He’s loving it! He’s attending Dutch Soccer School with most of the kids on his soccer team. All of the coaches are from Holland and Luke loves learning new things from them. He is pretty exhausted every single night, but it’s worth it.

Favorite 4: BOOKS!! We’ve all been reading like crazy this month. Beach reading is one of my favorites. Jeff read two books and I read a few too. Jack really got into his book while we were there and Luke was loving his new book too. It was pretty wonderful!

Favorite 5: HAIRCUTS!! I got my haircut this week. I always wait until my hair is just a little too long to make an appointment and then I am so excited about my shorter style. I have my hair blown out straight when I get it cut but once I wash it my hair goes back to curly. I love the length that it is now – this haircut is a favorite!

That’s it for this week. I shared more of what we’ve been up to on Wednesday, check it out. I hope you have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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