10 Things – 7/10/19

Happy Wednesday! Summer Sarah is going strong – I’m having fun and working on my July Goals. I am linking up with Whitney for 10 on the 10th today. Today’s prompt is sharing 10 things you want to do or try.

1 – I want to explore our State Parks. I signed our family up for the Maryland State Parks Park Quest program. I’ve seen a bunch of friends do it with their kids and each one looks so fun! Each park has a task for you to do when you get there. There are hikes, scavenger hunts, activities, crafts, and other things too. We’ve been pretty busy with camps and vacations but I’d like to make some time for it soon.

2 – Even though it is summer, I have been thinking about work lately. I have been trying to figure out how to introduce more literature to the older elementary school kids. I have a few ideas, but I think the one I am going to try first is Lunch and Listen. I’ll pick a book and students can sign up to come during their lunch time to listen to the story and have some conversations about it. It may be a little tricky depending on how my schedule lines up with lunch times, but I think it will be a fun thing to try.

3 – I would like to start traveling further in the United States. We have done a pretty good job of traveling around the Mid-Atlantic region and the southeastern states, but I would like to start going a little further and seeing more of our country. This is going to take a bunch of planning and saving, but I think it is important to see new places!!

4 – I would like to put an addition on our house in the next 15 months. I love our house. I love our location. I love our view with a big cornfield behind us. I don’t want to move, but I want a bigger kitchen and family room. It gets a little tight in here when we are hosting holidays or events. I love having people over and I think we’d do it a whole lot more with a little more elbow room.

5 – Along with the addition, I want to make a library in our home. I want a bunch of shelves, cozy chairs, and lamps. As much as I read and love reading, I think it will be the perfect addition to our home. The plans for the library are in my head right now and I just need to figure out how to make them a reality.

6 – I want to change up our meals in the fall. I find that I get stuck in a rut, I think we all do, and I’d like to stray from our standard variations of chicken, meatballs, tacos, and pizza. I’m thinking Pinterest will be the perfect place to find some good ones.

7 – I want to go to a sushi restaurant. Until New Years Eve, I had a strict rule about eating. I didn’t eat anything east of Italy. I know it is limiting, but I am not a fan of soy sauce or teriyaki flavors. I tried sushi on New Year’s Eve and now I want to try to go a real sushi restaurant and experience it.

8 – We have a fabulous deck with a fan and a roof. I want us to eat dinner out there more this summer. Last summer, we didn’t eat out side much and I want to do it this summer.

9 – We are heading to the beach at the end of the month and I want to try a few new things with the kids. We are talking about surf fishing one evening. We may take the kids out on the bay to tube or swim too. I think someone in our group is going to get a permit for a beach bonfire too.

10 – I am going to run the Baltimore Half Marathon this fall. I don’t really want to, but my girlfriends are doing it and they convinced me to do it too. It’s going to be really hilly and the first half is up hill, but the crowd support is great running in Baltimore is fun!

This has been a big week for goals and things to do on Sunshine & Books.

It is also Let’s Look Wednesday with Shay and Erika and they are taking a look at a typical day. Here’s my typical summer day.

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!!

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  1. Mother of 3 says:

    I would have absolutely signed up to spend my lunch hour listening to our librarian read to us! What a great idea. You have a wonderful list of goals here to word towards.

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