Summer Days – 7/3/19

On Thursday I shared my day on Instagram, @sunnyscp. It was a great summer day so I’m going to share it here too. I really love to sleep until 7 am but it hasn’t been happening so far this summer.

I came downstairs and started working on some pool things that I needed to get done. Being on the pool board is a volunteer position and I love it. As the membership chair, I get to send the exciting emails that say “After being on our waiting list for 3 years, you are finally in!” I have been working with the boys to make their own breakfasts. They are getting the hang of what they can have, how to make it, and most importantly how to clean up after themselves!I’ve been keeping track of the water I drink in the summer with this fabulous cup from That Inspired Chick on Etsy! If I run in the morning, I try to drink 2 cups by 1 pm and then follow the guidelines for my third.

It was HOT HOT HOT and I didn’t really want to run outside so I headed down to our dark basement to tackle my run on the treadmill. The kids were playing golf upstairs, having a great time, and I plowed through my run. I was feeling pretty sore after Body Pump class on Wednesday so my shirt was perfect!

We had to be at the pool for swim team practice from 10:15 – 12 noon. While Jack swam, Luke and I ran a quick errand and then he worked on his summer workbook and I read. Then while Luke swam, Jack and I ran a quick errand and then he worked on his summer workbook and I read. It was easy to fall into this routine from last summer. We ate a little lunch and played at the pool for a few hours.Then the boys went to camp and I came back to the pool to read for a bit! It was lovely!

I picked up some happy campers and we went back to the pool to cool off and play. Jeff joined us and we relaxed. Luke decided not to get back in and read with Jeff and me. Jack decided to do the evening swim practice so we stayed a little later than planned.

We headed home for dinner. I was making tacos and realized we were out of shredded cheese. Only because it was a cheese emergency, I grated the cracker cuts cheese and made do. I generally do not shred my own cheese. EVER! EVER EVER! They do such a great job at the grocery store and it is a task I don’t like so I don’t do it. I ❤️ Summer Sarah! By 7:15 these boys were clean, in pjs, tired, and just about ready for bed!

I wasn’t far behind them. I cuddled up with Queen Bee by Dorothea Benton Frank and went to bed.That was my day! I feel like I started to figure out a little more about Instagram Stories. It was pretty easy, but there is definitely a lot more that I could do with it. I’ll keep playing with it. Hopefully Summer Sarah can figure it out and share what she learns with School Year Sarah. 😂

Have a great Wednesday full of sunshine and books!

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6 thoughts on “Summer Days – 7/3/19

  1. Lindsay says:

    Wow! So much time at the pool. I think I would be “pool-ed” out by the end of one week of being at the pool that much. Do the boys ever just want to hang out at home during the day or do they prefer to be out and about all day?

    • sunshineandbooksblog says:

      They don’t get tired of it. Both my husband and I grew up as pool rats at the pool every day. We’ve trained our kids to love it! We have a big social group there so everyone is hanging with friends all day!

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