Hello Monday – 7/1/19

Happy Monday! Hello July!

We are usually heading to a beach destination for the 4th of July now, but this year we are headed to the mountains. Jack researched a national park in media this year and he picked the Great Smoky Mountains. After learning about it, he asked to go see it. So we are off to the mountains for a few days.

I’ve got some great reading material with me for our seven and a half hours in the car. I saw Elin Hilderbrand yesterday and she did not disappoint! I love hearing everything she has to say about her books. Elin is always so cheerful and funny!

After her book talk, she did a signing. Elin is always so personable during the signing. She seemed thrilled that her new book, Summer of ’69, is our book club selection at the pool. I was so excited that she thought a pool book club was a great idea. It really is because we’re all reading at the pool so we might as well read a book together and talk about it. We also talked about planning a 40th birthday trip for a friend. After talking to Elin, we need to decide between early October in Nantucket or St. John in the winter. Maybe we’ll do both! 😊 My mom went with me for her birthday! We picked up a copy for my sister for another family book club.

I cannot say enough about independent bookstores! If you have one nearby, please support it. I love my independent bookstore, A Likely Story, and it does so much for our community readers! A Likely Story partners with our public library and they are doing amazing things in Carroll County. We are so lucky!! Elin was the third author I saw THIS MONTH!! I kicked off the month with Jane Green, saw Dorothea Benton Frank in the middle, and ended with Elin. That is one amazing month!!

I’m off to read! Elin’s and Jane’s books are packed and ready to go! Have a great week full of sunshine and books!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    I just LOVED Summer of ’69! We’re thinking of heading to Nantucket either early Oct or late May next year.

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