Friday Favorites – 4/25/19

Happy Friday!! We’ve had a great week, but I am pretty glad it is Friday! I am linking up with Narci and Andrea to share my favorites from the week.

Favorite 1: JOE CORBI PIZZA!! Our 5th graders sold Joe Corbi pizza kits as their fundraiser this year. I was so excited because I used to love Joe Corbi pizza. We made our first one this week and oh my goodness, it’s just as delicious as it was 30 years ago!! If you can get your hands on a pizza kit, do it immediately! Jeff tried the gluten free kit and said it was pretty darn amazing too!

Favorite 2: GROCERY PICKUP!! Our Walmart started grocery pick up at the end of February and I have been using it weekly since then. A few other grocery stores in town have been quick to follow and offer grocery pick up too. When anyone asks about grocery pick up, I always say it is life changing. I haven’t done a full grocery trip in months. I do swing through a local grocery store for some lunch meat and produce each week, but that trip is so quick and easy.

Favorite 3: READING IN THE SUNSHINE!! I spent a good bit of time on our driveway last weekend reading my book. It was so lovely! The sun was shining so brightly and I got comfy in my beach chair until I finished that book. Luke asked if he could do his reading outside this week. I couldn’t say “you bet you can” fast enough!

Favorite 4: SCHOOL LIBRARY MONTH!! I love School Library Month for so many reasons. First of all, kids generally get excited about our focus and start reading those books like crazy. A total win! Second, a few years ago I decided to promote reading by wearing a book-ish T-shirt every day of School Library Month. It’s a great way to be comfy and inspire conversations about books and reading. Check them all out on my instagram (@sunnyscp) each day. Third, we are focusing on fiction this year and kids are making paper bag puppets of their favorite characters. I am loving all the puppets and book recommendations the kids are making to each other. It’s an all around great month of reading!

Favorite 5: BABIES!! As soon as I put our spring wreath on the front door, a bird starts building a nest. This year we got four eggs in our nest.When I checked on the eggs Wednesday, we had babies!! They are still at that ugly, yet so cute stage but they’ll grow so quickly! We love checking on our babies each day!

That’s about it for the week. I am excited to head to the beach for a quick overnight (about 16 hours) with Jeff and I can’t wait to feel the salt air on my face and lay my eyes on the ocean. I downloaded an audio book to listen to on the drive. I am not usually an audio book kinda girl, but we’ll see how it goes. I hope you have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 4/25/19

  1. rawsonjl says:

    Oh how exciting to get to watch the baby birds grow!! I have not yet taken my books outside for reading since it’s just not that sunny yet but it is my favorite summer pastime.

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