TBB Asks: Holiday Edition – 12/8/18

Happy Saturday! We are having a great start to our weekend at the pool for a swim meet. Fun fact: Luke is swimming at the pool I grew up swimming in every single week. It is pretty fun to be back!

I am linking up with The Blended Blog for TBB Asks. I’d love it if you’d answer the questions in the comments. It’s always fun to learn about the readers!

1. Candy Canes? You bet! I love them!! Sometimes I put them in hot chocolate for an extra little minty flavor.

2. Christmas morning early riser or sleep in? I am an early riser by nature, so I am usually up pretty early. Even in the years we are doing assembly late into the night.

3. Do you shop on Black Friday? I do, but only online.

4. Christmas tree up in November? Absolutely! I like to get the tree up on Black Friday! More time to enjoy it. I don’t put it up before Thanksgiving though.

5. Do you get holiday ideas from Pinterest? Sometimes I do. I like to look for holiday themed snacks and drinks for parties.

6. Christmas glam or ugly sweater? Yes! It depends on the situation. I love some ugly sweater fun but I also like to get all fancy too!

7. Stocking stuffers: wrapped or unwrapped? Unwrapped all the way!!!

8. Traditional or modern Christmas songs? Yes! All of them, except the hippopotamus song. I don’t like that one at all!

9. Fruitcake? I’ve never had it but as a general rule I don’t like fruit in my treats.

10. Is your Christmas shopping finished? Nope.

11. Is there snow in December where you live? Hopefully!! Maryland is definitely cold enough to have December show, or even a white Christmas🀞🏽 🀞🏽 🀞🏽.

12. Classic show: A Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph? Yes! I love them both. We have a bunch of the claymation christmas movies on DVD and I love to pop them on for the kids to watch all throughout December.

Happy Saturday! I hope you have some Christmas fun planned for your weekend!!

β˜€οΈ πŸ“š 😎

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