Life Lately – 11/20/18

Hello everyone! Somehow the weekend got away from me and I didn’t get around to posting yesterday.

We had a great weekend, even if we were freezing for most of it. Luke had his final regular season soccer game on Friday night at 7:30 pm. If you know us, you know that is bedtime around here. It was pretty chilly but the boys were running like crazy all over the turf so they weren’t too cold. The parents were another story. We were pretty chilly in our gloves, coats, blankets, and hats. Luke and his team did a great job and tied the game. They finished the season undefeated, with a few ties in there, and I am so proud of them!!



Luke was supposed to have a soccer tournament all weekend but it was canceled because of all the snow we had on Thursday. So we headed to swim team practice and then to run some errands in Westminster. We stopped by to visit my parents when we finished. My mom is getting ready to host 18 people for Thanksgiving and she is one busy lady.

The football team at Jeff’s school had their final game on Saturday evening so we headed over to watch the game. I guess I wasn’t cold enough after Friday night. πŸ˜‰ Jeff’s parents came over to the game too. It was nice to see them and the boys were pretty lucky to see both sets of grandparents in one day. We picked up some hot tea and s’mores hot chocolate at Wawa on the way over. If you haven’t had the s’mores hot chocolate, you should probably get to Wawa as fast as you can. It is amazing! Our team didn’t win, but Jack and Luke had a great time!

On Sunday, I went to the grocery store and Walmart. It was painful!! I am really enjoying shopping on Mondays instead of the weekend, but it wasn’t going to work this week. Those stores were mad houses! People were abandoning their carts in the aisles and going to collect items to bring back to their carts. There were carts all over the place. Yikes!

One of our pool board members is “retiring” from his post so we all went out to dinner on Sunday to celebrate him. It was so fun and delicious. I came home from dinner and the boys were showered, teeth brushed, and in bed ready to be tucked in. Jeff packed lunches too. It was pretty much incredible!

We are powering through to Thanksgiving break over here. This is shaping up to be a long short week for us. I had conferences yesterday (12 hour day) and a staff meeting after school today. We have a half day on Wednesday (thank goodness!!). I am so excited to see 2 of my aunts, 3 of my cousins, and their families for Thanksgiving weekend. We have some fun traditions planned and Jack has a basketball tournament.

Have a great week full of sunshine and books, and turkey!

β˜€οΈ πŸ“š 😎

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