‘Tis the Season – 12/4/18

We started December with lots of fun this weekend! I am still pretty beat, so get ready for lots of pictures and just a few words. Happy Tuesday!!

Friday: Jack was so excited for the whole fourth grade band to play together in school for the first time! Until now, they only had lessons with their instrument groups.

We watched the Disney Christmas special and reminisced about our trip to Disney World.

Saturday: Run Streak Day 700!!! I was up early to get 7 miles in after the sun came up and before it started raining. To be honest, I was a little worried because I haven’t run any long distances since Zooma Amelia Island. I was a little slower than I was hoping, but I ran it and felt great at the end! I love a good Tour de Eldersburg run!

Our elf, Choo Choo, came back on Saturday. He brought the boys advent calendars. Luke’s is Legos and Jack’s is soccer cards. They both loved them!

The boys and I had some errands to run so we headed to Westminster to hit up Roberto’s (yum!!), Target, and my parents’ house. Roberto’s chicken cheesesteak is my favorite, especially with their yummy homemade Italian dressing!

We had lots of giggles as we shopped in Target and found just about everything we needed.

I’m pretty sure everything we didn’t find will be on my front porch in a few days thanks to Amazon.

Then we headed home for Luke’s basketball practice and Jack’s basketball game.

Sunday: I was up super early for a weekend morning to get a run in, my hair colored, and be ready to hit the road around 10. I tried Madison Reed for the first time and thought it was pretty easy! The color is a little darker than I was hoping, but we’ll see how it washes.

We picked up our friends and hit the road for Hershey Park. It’s a tradition that we started 3 years ago and is one of my favorites. The park is totally decorated for Christmas with tons of lights. They play Christmas music all day. The hot chocolate is AMAZING!!! And if you buy a mug, you get free refills all day. It’s totally worth it. This year’s mug is super cute. And it made Monday’s work day a little bit easier.

We rode rides, sang Christmas carols, and had a fabulous day!!

We didn’t get home until about 9:15. The kids were asleep around 8, so it wasn’t so late for them. But the parents were feeling the long day. We were all together at basketball practices on Monday night. The kids were their normal energetic selves, but the parents were ready for bed! I already can’t wait for next year’s trip!!

AND GUESS WHAT FINALLY CAME??? After online chats with Zappos, emails, lots of tracking, and (im)patiently waiting by the door, my Christmas running shoes!! I was so hoping they would be here for our Hershey Park trip, but they didn’t make it. Don’t worry! I’ll get plenty of use out of them over the course of the next month, next Christmas season, the next Christmas season, and the one after that too! I already took the bells off, I am betting they will be just a little bit annoying for some people.

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!!

☀️ 📚 😎

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