Hello Monday – 10/8/18

🎶 Madison, James Madison, we are the dukes of JMU! Madison, James Madison, the fighting dukes of JMU! Fight for glory – Honors won! Brighten the lights of Madison! 🎶

That’s what I am singing this Monday morning! We had a great day at my alma mater James Madison University on Saturday! I am excited to share our weekend with you today! I am linking up with Heather, Lindsay, and Johannah to say Hello Monday!


I got a package I’ve been waiting for in the mail! A few weeks ago Marley Lilly had an Oops Sale where they offered deep discounts on items they monogrammed incorrectly and couldn’t send to the buyer.  I was so excited to see that this was an SCP oops and scored it for $9.99! It is so cute! I love the plaid and can wear it with black pants to work and jeans all the time this fall & winter.


I took the boys to swim team practice and went out for a run. I hit my 1,000 km for the year according to my Map My Run app.  I was pretty pumped because it’s only the second time I’ve run this much in a year and I got to the 1,000 km mark sooner this year than last!


We usually go out to dinner after swim team at 6 adn the boys asked to go to Noodles & Company. We found out that Saturday was National Noodle Day so of course I took a picture of the sign with my Noodle (Luke’s nickname)!


We ❤️ our Noodle!

I was up at 5 on Saturday to run before we headed to Harrisonburg, Virginia to visit James Madison University.  I feel like I should give a little disclaimer. People who go to JMU love JMU a lot, like a lot a lot! JMU grads LOOOOOOOOVE JMU forever!  JMU students say they bleed purple which seemed a little odd to me freshman year, but it is true.  I’m not sure what it is about the college set in the Shenandoah Valley, but it is amazing!


Wearing my love necklace with my JMU purple was a no brainer!!

Also, I have a ton of family members that went to JMU.  My parents met there. A few aunts went to JMU. Six of my cousins went to JMU. Three are married to JMU grads. Our kids think that JMU is just about the best college ever!


The next generation of JMU!


Okay, now that you have a better understanding about how incredible JMU is I can share our day.  We got there around 9:30.  We set up the tables, tents, and food.  For the past 2 years we tailgated on a field in front of my freshman dorm! The field is pretty empty and the kids can play soccer, football, catch, and corn hole all day.


Let’s go Dukes!!

The game started at 1:30 but we headed over to see the opening festivities.  The JMU marching band, The Marching Royal Dukes, play a show before the game, at half time, and after the game.  The MRDs are incredible and put on a great show!



This place makes me so happy! Love seeing Wilson Hall in the background!





JMU class of ‘74 and ‘02!


Unfortunately JMU didn’t win and they ended a pretty big home winning streak (19 games).  We still had a great time and tracked down the JMU letters on our way back to the car.


On Sunday, I decided to run during Jack’s baseball practice again. The only difference was that it was super humid and felt like 93 degrees. It wasn’t my best run by any stretch but I finished my 6 miles along a new, hilly but beautiful course by the river.


We have a teacher work day today.  My mom decided to have the boys spend the night on Sunday so she wouldn’t have to be at our house by 7:15 am.  Jeff and I went out to dinner and had the best time! Jack and Luke are headed to a golf camp today and are pretty excited!

Have a super week full of sunshine and books!! I hope this amazing summer in October weather keeps on coming!! I am loving it!

☀️ 📚 😎

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