Medal Monday – 7/30/18

Happy Monday! I am linking up with Heather and the Hello Monday girls to share my Medal Monday!


I am a week late sharing my medals, but we were having a blast at the beach last week and I didn’t get to posting.  I have 2 medals to share today. This is pretty unusual for me but I had two events finish at the same time.

My BRF (Best Running Friend) Jamie and I ran the Dreamer virtual run together.  This is our 6th Fellow Flowers virtual run, and the 5th that we’ve done together.


Our first Fellow Flowers virtual run


Our second FF virtual run

Fellow Flowers created a virtual run series to focus on the flowers. I love that these virtual runs don’t have a specific distance. You pick the distance that fits you and the flower.  Dreamer was the 4th flower run. With each run, there is a flower medal and a flower charm. I add the tanktop or tshirt too.  The dreamer tank top is AMAZING!!! It is super soft and comfy!


Choose Joy! /yellow/


No Excuses! /purple/


Run Free! /wildflower/


I love these charms together.

We decided to run 5 miles. I haven’t run that far in weeks and was feeling a bit worried about it. I was dreading the distance all day on Thursday, but I got up Friday morning determined to do it.  We talked and caught up over the course of those 5 miles and I felt great afterwards! I really think I could have run a few more miles.  We settled into a comfortable pace and the conversation kept me going.


We did it!


Dreamer run complete! /white/

The Dreamer, white flower, hasn’t really been my flower, but Jamie told me that it was a perfect fit after running and rereading the description.


It’s not too late to sign up and run the Dreamer!  Check it out here.

I did the Zooma Summer Challenge this year. I didn’t follow the training plan exactly but I did add some swimming, yoga, and sporadic pushups, planks, etc. that I wouldn’t have done otherwise.  The last week of the challenge was a progressive half marathon. I finished my 13.1 miles early on Saturday morning.


Finished the 13.1!


Love that medal!

Look at the beautiful sunrise!! No filters, just sunshine at its finest!


The Zooma challenge comes with a fun swag bag. I love the tank top this year! It is sooo soft and comfy! It is actually very similar to the Dreamer tank top. It took me a little while to realize that the same printer did both shirts, so that makes good sense.  I discovered Feetures socks in Zooma swag bags and love them! I only run in Feetures. The swag bag also had a luggage tag, hat, and a great size reusable bag.


I’d love to hear any thoughts on virtual runs or if you have any that you love!

I don’t have anything to train for right now, but I am looking. There is some freedom in running whatever distance I feel like running. I enjoy the structure of a training plan to keep me moving.  Any good races coming up? I think a 10k is a good distance for the fall and I’d like to run another half marathon in the spring.

Have a great week full of sunshine and books!
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  1. Kaz A says:

    Congrats on your accomplishments and medals! The Fellow Flowers looks interesting! I’m a long time “wanna-be” runner.. maybe something like this would keep me motivated to stick with it!

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