Summer Surprise Box


Happy August 1st! As a major summer lover over here, I am rejoicing in the fact that we still have a month before school starts to enjoy all that summer has to offer!! No matter what Walmart, Target, and the school supply aisles may try to tell you, summer is still going strong!! A little while back I ordered a Summer Mystery Mailer from Prep Obsessed. I love their mystery mailers because they always have something I wouldn’t have picked for myself and surprise mail is always fun!  I shared the 4th of July Mystery Mailer with you last month.

The Summer Mystery Mailer had some fun summer goodies in there. The theme is Sweet Summertime and watermelons.  I’m not a big wearing watermelons girl, but it’s a cute theme!

It was wrapped up like this with my 4th of July mailer. I love their pineapple logo and couldn’t wait to bust it open.


The mailer included a cute tote bag and these sunglasses.  They are little big for my face but I find myself reaching for them a lot.


There was also a tank top, coozie, and glitter sunscreen. I love glitter and was pretty pumped to try it!


My honest opinion about the tank top is the same as the 4th of July one. The armholes are too big to wear it without a tank or bathing suit under it. I know it’s summer, but I was a little disappointed by that. The design is cute and the quality is good though.

There was also a cover up.  It is a very cute coverup but I am not sure that I am going to wear it around the pool. It is definitly great for the beach or maybe a vacation!


Overall, this was probably my least favorite mystery mailer, but I will definitely use most of it. Like I said, I love surprises in the mail – Erin Condren’s seasonal surprise packages, these mystery mailers, FunRunBox subscription – so I’ll keep checking back to the Prep Obsessed Mystery Mailer page to find some fun new surprises.

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

☀️ 📚 😎

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