Hello Monday – 5/7/18

Well, that was a fun weekend! We partied and played all weekend, and just might need another weekend to rest up for the week. 😊Unfortunately, that’s not happening and this week is coming at us, just as busy as last. So, we might as well say hello to Monday!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all my fellow teachers!! It’s the first full week of May, we can do this!!

I am joining Johannah, Heather, and Lindsay to share my weekend highlights.

On Friday, we swung by our pool to check on the playground construction. It was perfect pool weather so I pulled my chair out and enjoyed it like a summer day!

Just a few more weeks…

Jack had baseball practice and Luke and I went to the nearby track to get my run in. He joined me for a mile and we were moving fast!

I ❤️ my running buddy!

After baseball, we all hopped in the car and headed to Jack’s basketball game. The games are at 8:00 or 8:30 pm so Luke and I haven’t made it to one yet. It is about 30 minutes away, so these games make for a pretty late night. Jack and his team played well and we were so proud of them!

Good defense 00!

On Saturday morning, Jack and I went off to run a 5K to support some of the teachers at our school that are fighting cancer. One of Jack’s buddies was there and all three of us ran together. It was quite a HIIT consisting of sprinting and walking throughout the hilly course. I woke up with some sore quads and it was Jack’s fastest 5K so I suppose the method was effective. 😂

Running buddies! These two have been friends since kindergarten, have run a few races together, and occasionally face each other in swim meets.

I ❤️ my running buddy!

Jeff and Luke were already at Luke’s baseball game. When we got there, Luke was coaching from the field. We could hear him encouraging his teammates with shouts of “Baseball ready!”, “Keep eyes on the batter!”, “Plays at 1st and 2nd base!”. My parents were there and we were all amused with the way he was running the game.

“Baseball ready everyone! Play is at any base! Eyes on the batter!”

We came home after the game and Jeff planted our vegetable garden. I cannot wait for our bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers to be ready!

Then it was off to a local laser tag/bumper cars/glo golf birthday party spot. Luke really wanted a laser tag party and he was so excited! His party included indoor putt putt under the black lights, a few rides on the bumper cars, jumping and playing on the inflatables, and an epic game of laser tag. He had a blast with his buddies and slept pretty well Saturday night.

Earning tickets and having fun!

This 7 year old can’t wait for his party to start!

Luke had the perfect outfit for glo golf!

Luke loved bumper cars!

Jack had a total blast in the bumper cars!

Grandma Karen made another fabulous cake!!

On Sunday, Jack and Luke had soccer games at the same time so Jeff and I had to divide and conquer. I coach Luke’s team, the Fireballs, so we went together while Jeff to Jack to soccer and baseball. Both boys had great games. They played goalie and in the field. I am so proud of how hard they played! It was fun to watch them!

Luke got to go back to the birthday spot from last night for his buddy’s party. We should’ve coordinated a little better, but the kiddos were more than happy to be back running around and earning more tickets for “treasures”. 😉 And I got to go wander around Target for an hour by myself. I went into the trip with the mentality that I would get what I found and thought we could use. I found some of my own treasures!

After the party and baseball, it was home for an early dinner and early to bed so everyone was well rested and ready to go this week. We have soccer, baseball, swim, and basketball every night this week, so I need to be prepared! I have a bunch of pages left to write on my National Board for Teachers recertification and 10 days to do it. FYI – I am a professional procrastinator! I did get a little reading done on the way to games and I am loving The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner.

Have a great week full of sunshine and books!

☀️ 📚 😎

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