Friday Favorites – 5/11/18

Happy Friday everyone! I am still plowing through my National Board renewal because I have crazy procrastinated this! So this week’s favorites will be short and sweet…


I am linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share my favorites from this week.

Favorite 1: BIRTHDAY BOY! We celebrated Luke’s birthday with a few of his buddies on Saturday at a local party place with laser tag, bumper cars, indoor putt putt, and arcade games.  Luke was so excited for his party and he had a great time. I was little out of my element because we’ve never done a party where I wasn’t friends with the “party host” or it wasn’t at my house.  All of the boys went home with plenty of “treasures” after redeeming their tickets.



Favorite 2: TARGET TIME! We don’t have a Target in my town. I am pretty sure that fact alone has saved me hundreds of dollars since we moved here.  On Sunday, Luke had a drop off birthday party in Westminster so I had some time to wander through Target all alone.  It was heavenly! We have been so busy lately that it was like a little mini vacation.   I had 2 things that I really needed to get and managed to fill my cart with things I found along the way. I found a few pairs of earrings, bathing suits for the boys, a nail polish, and A Simplified Life by Emily Ley. The irony of buying some earrings and nail polish while buying a book about simplifying life is not lost on me. 😂



New Target earrings AND a spring dress = WINNING

Favorite 3: SPRING! It is finally feeling like spring every day and we are loving it! I have been running with the boys and playing outside a ton!  Cheering on Jack and Luke has been so comfortable in the sunshine! I have been loving wearing my spring dresses!



My 5k running buddy



Jack and his buddy did a great job running the 5k!!


My two monkeys


Little brothers enjoying the warm weather watching their big brothers play

Our spring babies are starting to hatch!  When we checked on them Thursday afternoon, two of the four eggs had just hatched and they are so sweet.  The boys are so excited to have babies again!


Favorite 4: TOOTHLESS KIDS!  About a year ago Luke knocked his tooth out at recess. He ran into another boy’s head and knocked his tooth loose.  It fell out a few days later.  Well, on Thursday while I was teaching him in media, he knocked his other front out.  He was hugging his knees and scooting back when his knee hit his wiggly front tooth.  I started cheering when he held his tooth up. He was crying because it hurt a bit and there was blood on his finger.  He was so confused as to why I was cheering when he was crying.  Once I calmed him down, he busted out laughing about the whole situation and marched himself down to the nurse for a tooth necklace.


That’s it for the week.  I have a lot of typing to do this weekend for my National Boards so those are my big plans between watching baseball games.  We are headed to the Orioles game on Sunday for Luke’s little league day and then home for some crabs on the back deck! I am hoping for some sunshine!!

Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

☀️ 📚 😎

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  1. Shannon says:

    I love your Target finds! I don’t go to Target often either but when I do, I’m in trouble!!! Those little baby birds are precious!!!

    Have a great Mother’s Day Weekend!
    – Shannon

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