Hello Monday – 4/9/18

Hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I sure did! I am linking up with the Hello Monday girls, Johannah, Heather, and Lindsay, to share our weekend. Here we go…ECFBE064-E498-4957-9726-E36E15EF11D8

I don’t know about you, but this weekend left me wondering where spring is?? It was chilly and windy all weekend!

On Friday night we took the boys to see Marvel Universe Live. We took some friends and met up with Jeff’s mom, sister, and our nieces. They had a great time! It was action packed and full of adventure!


Parsons, friends, and cousins


They were into the show!



Happy buddies at the end!

Saturday morning, I got up and ran 12 (!?!) miles with my friend Jodi.  Jodi was an incredible cheerleader and encourager for me! At one point, I actually laid down on the sidewalk and said “I just cannot go on”.  Jodi reminded me that I had to get home somehow so I better get my booty up and running! We ran the “Tour de Eldersburg” through a bunch of neighborhoods and paths, and we even managed to run into and around the local high school track team on the track for a few miles before making our way home.  It was cold and windy, but we did it.


I definitely did not feel like a rock star running, but I finished thanks to Jodi! And I am resilient, determined to rise!

After that it was a quick shower and off to baseball practice. When we signed our boys up for baseball, people told us how we were going to be so hot watching the games, how we’d bake in the sun, and the tan lines would be rough.  Well, I’ll tell you what, I’d pretty much give anything for those conditions right about now.  It was COLD!

One of the local high school’s play this year is Seussical the Musical. The boys and I went to the matinee and it was wonderful! I was amazed at how talented the students are! They can sing and dance and pull together an amazing show!  We all really enjoyed it!


The light up wands were a part of the show and the audience members got to participate using them for one of the songs. And, who doesn’t love a light up wand??

We headed to my parents for dinner on Saturday night. My mom went to my sister’s for Easter (smart to escape to warm Florida) so we celebrated on Saturday. She made one of my favorite dinners and we sat around the table for hours talking and laughing afterwards. It was the perfect way to end our evening.  I forgot to take any pictures – blogger fail!

I headed out for a quick run before our soccer and golf filled Sunday began.


Luke had his first spring soccer game. The fireballs were victorious in their freezing, cold game! After coaching that team full of sweet kindergarten through second graders, Jodi and I decided we could use a good leg massage/pedicure. It was heavenly!

Then we headed over to watch Jack play his first spring soccer game.  The wind was still blowing and the air was still chilly! That was enough outside time for the Parsons, so we came home and snuggled on the couch while we watched the Masters.


This blanket is amazing! It is perfect for snuggling and naps!

I finished my book this weekend. I was reading The Young Wives Club by Julie Pennell. It was a light fluffy read and a bit predictable but I enjoyed it. The young wives in the book, all under 23 were living a life that I never did so it was interesting to see how different people do life.

I am starting America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie. They are coming to my local bookstore, A Likely Story, next Tuesday and I am hoping to go and get their new book, My Dear Hamilton.

Here’s hoping our week will be filled with WARM sunshine and books!  Jack’s baseball season kicks off on Wednesday. His spring basketball season starts Friday. Luke’s baseball opening day is Saturday!  We Parsons do love sports!


Currently reading:
Personal: America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie
School: Super Gifted by Gordon Korman

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