What’s Up Wednesday – 3/29/23

Happy Wednesday! It’s the last Wednesday of the month so I am sharing what we’ve been up to. Let’s get to it!

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Sweet babies and toddlers! When we come to end of March I always reminisce about their sweet faces on their birthdays and on Easter.


Sunshine! Right now the sun is rising as I get to work and it’s beautiful! The sun is also setting so much later which makes the evenings wonderful. The kids are playing outside more and I am getting outside more, too. Just last night Jeff and I went for a walk at 7:15 and I took my sunglasses to start. Woohoo!!


Everything! Jeff and I got all dressed up last weekend for the gala at his school.

I’ve been hot cheering for the boys at swim meets.

We’ve been cold cheering for Luke at soccer and lacrosse.

We’ve been spending more time outside.

I’ve been squeezing in friend time in little pockets for a run or a happy hour.

We’ve been enjoying blank squares on the calendar.


Replacing our washing machine! My mom is having the same problem as us and the service technician told her that she could keep using the washer and it could even last another year or more. I am awaiting his visit to our house and hoping we don’t have to replace the washer. Fingers crossed everyone!


Planning summer! I am running a little behind but I am still working on our summer. I have a trip planned in my brain so we all applied for and renewed our passports to be ready. The day before we went, the state department extended the processing time and I hear it’s a total mess! I don’t love to be last minute about plans, but this one might have to be.


Birthday season! Jack’s and Luke’s birthdays are a little over two weeks apart so we are heading into spring birthday season over here. Easter is right in the middle so we’ll be seeing a lot of family and celebrating a bunch, which is always fun!


Jeff and I are still watching Shrinking slowly. I am still working through Virgin River. Jack started watching Outer Banks so we’ve all been watching that together.

My list of shows to watch is bigger than it has been in a long time: Ted Lasso (finish season 2 and watch 3), The Crown, Emily in Paris, and The Morning Show (finish season 2). I don’t watch a lot of tv, but these shows have all released new seasons and I haven’t made time for them.

I’ve been reading a bit lately. I loved The Mostly True Story of Tanner and Louise by Colleen Oakley. It just came out yesterday and it was a great book! It is the story of an older woman and the young woman that is hired to live with her and keep an eye on things. The story takes quite a twist and Tanner and Louise head out on an adventure. I did not see the ending coming but I am so glad it ended the way it did!

I am listening to The Measure by Nikki Erlick. I am a little over halfway through and it is intriguing. I’ll let you know what I think when I finish it.

I was asked to remain on the committee that selects books for our battle of the books this year, so for the next two months I will be reading a lot of middle grade fiction and graphic novels. There are 10 novels and 10 graphic novels that we will choose from so I have to get reading.


I’ve been listening to my regular podcasts. I read a fabulous picture book biography of Aretha Franklin with some classes last week and enjoyed a great playlist of her hits.


I am still working on wearing through my closet. I haven’t had too many repeats and my sweaters on the guest room bed are dwindling. I do have a few really heavy sweaters that I didn’t wear. I am trying to decide if I need to get rid of them or wait one more year. We didn’t have much snow or really cold weather, so I am leaning towards giving them one more winter. Everything else is still on its last chance. If it doesn’t feel great it is out of here! I haven’t bought many clothes this winter because my closet is reaching capacity. I haven’t changed sizes or styles so I’m pretty pleased with what I have.


I am hoping to see my college roommate and maybe visit a Smithsonian museum. Luke has his first spring soccer game and Jack has his first spring golf tournament. I am hoping the weather cooperates so we can enjoy a bunch of time outside!


Hopefully getting into a spring routine! The kids’ schedules have been consistent for the past few weeks, but Jeff’s and my schedules have been all over the place. We’ve both had evening events and it’s made it a little tricky to get into a good routine.

We have spring break next month! Woohoo! I am counting down the days – 5 school days! And for the first time in a long time we don’t have any spring break or Easter birthdays. I am hoping it will be a relaxing few days to catch up and get ready for the last 8 or nine weeks of school.

That is what we’ve been up to. I’ll be back tomorrow for Monthly Musings and on Friday with my favorites. I hope you’ll stop by. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

8 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday – 3/29/23

  1. Natasha says:

    My son is turning 14 tomorrow (!!!) so I’m reminiscing about birthdays and little babies/toddlers too. Sam’s birthday often falls around Easter or Passover so I’m glad it’s more on its own this year.

  2. Joanne says:

    I hope you don’t HAVE to get a new washer and that you manage to get your passports in plenty of time.

  3. KymPossible says:

    Hope your washer does not need to be replaced and that your passports arrive in time! All the cheering – both cold and hot – looks like a lot of fun. Visiting from WUW today!

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