Fashion Files – 2/9/23

Hi! It’s Fashion Files Thursday so I am back sharing what I’ve been wearing. I have been on a mission to wear what I have, but only if I love it! Everything in my closet is on it’s last chance. If something doesn’t feel super when I put it on or wear it all day, off to the donate or consign pile. Documenting my outfits each day is helping me make sure I am wearing more of what’s in my closet. Let’s see what I’ve been wearing.

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Thursday – school day

Everything’s old but the sneakers

Friday – school day

Old shirt and jeans, sneakers

Sunday – Declare It Day!

Monday – school day

I don’t have links for anything here, it’s all old!

Tuesday – school day

New favorite tunic, Whisper leggings, Toms, Cora’s Den earrings, old necklace/bracelets

Wednesday – school day

XOXO shirt (similar shirt), black pants, sneakers

That’s what I’ve been wearing this week. What was your favorite? Any tips of ways to mix it up or try something new? I have a few more Valentine’s Day outfits to wear before Tuesday. I am enjoying finding things in my closet to wear. I am ready to wear some different shoes, but my feet are really liking sneakers this week. I’ll be back tomorrow with my favorites from the week. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Fashion Files – 2/9/23

  1. Inspiremyfancy says:

    Hi! I am happy to find your blog because I am on a similar journey with my clothes. I feel like only keeping things that I truly love and wear often. I have been in the process of selling pieces that I no longer wear for a few years now. It’s a slow but satisfying process. Buying less is the hardest part. :))

    Your Valentine inspired picks are awesome. Cheering you on in your style journey!


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