Not Just A Mom – 12/14/22

Happy Wednesday! I am linking up with the Not Just A Mom ladies to share somethings that I am loving lately. I have a random list of things that are bringing me joy.

I used to get a gel manicure every 7-10 days from Thanksgiving until we went somewhere warm in the new year. I loved that my nails always looked nice and it was nice to be forced to just sit for 30 minutes. After everything shut down, I realized that I actually like doing my own nails. It also forces me to sit down and relax, but I can read on my kindle while my nails dry. So it’s double wonderful. I found Olive & June nail polish and it is a game changer. I usually do my nails every Sunday evening and it lasts a whole week. Even when I am setting up and taking down book fair, working in the garden, and doing dishes every day. It is amazing!! My all time favorite color is Pink Sands but I recently purchased a few more neutral colors and I love them, too!

My polish lineup last night

These are my favorite neutral colors: Pink Sands, The Usual, LHG, Cable Knit, Chemistry, Study Hall, Cheers, Dry Clean Only, Bunny Slope, and Obvi (glitter is most definitely a neutral).

These are my favorite non-neutrals: World Lit, JM, Hibiscus, Lava, Obsessed, and Cozy Up.

This year I got an Aldi cheese advent calendar and a Costco wine advent calendar. I am doing a terrible job keeping up with them, but I’m having so much fun opening the wines and cheeses. I am having fun drinking the wine and eating the cheese, too! The bottles are 2 glasses of wine each night and the cheese is the perfect size to taste at night.

So far I have gotten black pepper Gouda, double Gloucester, truffle cheddar, Red Leicester, red pesto Gouda, aged cheddar, vintage cheddar, jalapeño Gouda, and Mediterranean Gouda. I’ve had a few repeats but they’re all delicious!

The wine comes from around the world. It’s a mix of whites and reds. This is a digital version of the advent calendar so you can click on each day and get more info about the wine you are opening and drinking.

All four of us are on Spotify and we just got our Wrapped 2022 information. It was fun to go through them together. I’m pretty proud to say that my kids have great taste in music! It’s mostly thanks to Jeff and all the good stuff he plays for them. Here are our listening types:

I am also loving that my kids love to be outside. In the past month, it’s been cold and raining, but nothing keeps my kids inside! They have always been outside kids and I’m so glad that hasn’t changed as they are getting older.

Those are just a few things that I am loving lately. There are so many Christmas traditions and new memories this year that I am loving, but they’ll be sprinkled in my Friday Favorites, Hello Mondays, and other fun posts. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

6 thoughts on “Not Just A Mom – 12/14/22

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    Thanks for linking up with us! I know you are a busy lady! I love a neutral nail color and that’s my “go to” most of the time. The past couple of manicures, I’ve gotten gray and light brown. I don’t think I can pull off red for the holidays. I love the idea of wine and cheese advent. So fun!

  2. Tanya says:

    I also enjoy doing my own nails, but have decided that I’m going to treat myself to a mani/pedi every few months. The manicure ladies make my hands and feet look so much nicer than I can. I need to look for that cheese calendar next year!

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