Hello Monday – 11/28/22

Happy Monday! I’m here with Holly sharing some fun from our weekend. I hope you’ll link up with us for Hello Monday!

I want to start with a little apology. If you came here on Wednesday or Friday looking for that promised post, it wasn’t here. The week got away from me and I didn’t get around to posting. I was really productive this week and had a great long weekend.

Tuesday evening, Kourtni, Erin, and I met for dinner. It was so nice to catch up and hang out before the holiday busy starts.

Wednesday morning was off to a quick start with the Scholastic truck pulled up to school. I spent the morning unpacking and setting up the Book Fair! Kids and teachers got pretty excited when the walked by on their way to lunch or at dismissal. We had an early dismissal day and so did Jeff. When we all got home, the Great Wall of Christmas came down from the attic!!

I took advantage of the sunshine and warmer weather and put our outside lights up in the front. It felt so good to get them done. Our neighbor does the top roofline for us and I think he’ll do them this week. Woohoo!

I wrapped one of our Christmas trees in Saran Wrap last year when I put it away. I left all the lights and decorations on and it was perfect! All I had to do was unwrap it and plug it in. Not one ornament or light out of place!

On Thanksgiving morning, Jeff and the boys met my dad and Jeff’s dad to play golf. I headed to my parents house to get cooking with my mom. We watched the parade and kept the Thanksgiving dinner prep going. After the parade, we watched White Christmas. We usually wait until after dinner, but this year we started early. I love that movie!

Jeff’s parents and my aunt and uncle joined us in the early afternoon and we had a great dinner. I love my mom’s Thanksgiving dinner!

I started decorating on Friday. I was moving a little slower than I usually do because we had the whole weekend ahead of us. We always throw our pumpkins in the corn field behind our house for the animals. This deer was enjoying quite the buffet on Friday morning!

Around 4, we headed to Jack’s basketball tournament. They had two games on Friday and played really well. It was fun to see Jack, Jeff, and the team back on the court. These boys have been playing together since 3rd grade and this is their last season. 😢 The little brothers always have a good time, too!

I did a little more decorating on Saturday morning before heading to Jack’s basketball game. They won so that made for a great start. Luke and I headed to my parents after the game.

Luke helped my mom and dad get Thanksgiving put away and some Christmas decorations out while I ran some errands. Then we headed out to dinner. We always go to the same restaurant and sit at the same table the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It is the perfect view for the Electric Lights parade. We had yummy appetizers (hello oysters!), great wine, and a delicious dinner while we watched the parade. Jack and Jeff had a late night basketball game so they weren’t able to join us.

On Sunday, I decorated my little heart out. I was determined to finish getting our house ready for Christmas. I just about did it. I have a few more lights to put up in the back, but it rained for most of the day so hopefully I’ll get that done today.

It finally stopped raining around 7:30 pm, so I went out for a walk. I am doing the Fellow Flowers Move Your A$$ challenge again this year. The challenge is to do 30 minutes of movement each day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. If it weren’t for the challenge, I wouldn’t have exercised on Saturday or Sunday. It’s free and not too late to join if you want to! Look for the Facebook group ALL IN – FF Holiday Challenge 2022 and click join. Today is day 5.

Before I end today, I found a few favorites that I’d like to share with you. This nativity is from At West End. I got it last year, but I am pretty sure it’s still available.

I was looking for a warm, but lightweight jacket for the boys this winter. I ordered the hooded Amazon essentials puffer coat. While I was ordering theirs, this one popped up. I’ve been looking at it for a while and it was half price. So I clicked “Buy now” and here it is. Just what I was hoping it would be!

I also picked up these felted wreaths from Trader Joe’s this year. I love the trivets and these are just as cute! I love how it looks on the knob on my china hutch. I got the Christmas colors and the multi colored wreaths for all year long.

I have a busy Monday with about half of our school previewing the Book Fair, but I have a big post coming tomorrow. It’s my annual Christmas Books post. Be sure to come back for that! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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10 thoughts on “Hello Monday – 11/28/22

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    What a wonderful break! I love your family Thanksgiving photos! I love that the Saran Wrap/ tree worked! That’s awesome. Your Saturday night tradition is so fun. Best seat in the house. Happy Monday!

  2. natasha says:

    I did all my outdoor decorating this weekend too because Saturday was gorgeous. Also, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen White Christmas. I’ll have to watch it this year.

  3. rawsonjl says:

    Oh I am totally going to try wrapping a couple trees in saran wrap this year; we decorated 4 of them this year and while it was fun it was a lot of work. Our light parade was moved to next weekend since it was pouring out. I’m not sure we’ll make it out to see it though. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday with your family!

  4. Ruth says:

    What a brilliant idea to wrap your tree! Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and your shoes and earrings are just so cute!

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