Amazon Lately – 10/5/22

Happy Wednesday! I am linking up with Tanya to share what I’ve been priming. I’m a day late, but I have a ton of stuff that I’m loving!

I haven’t shared an Amazon post since the beginning of June! The list of things I’ve primed since then is quite varied but good! I have two bonus items that I bought years ago and I’m still loving to share, too.

I ended the June Amazon post saying that I was on the quest for the perfect silicone straws. I loved the ones I had but needed a few more. I found some by the same company and am pretty happy with them. I did cut these a little bit so they aren’t so tall. I also threw away the extras that came with it. I won’t use them and I don’t need them taking up space in my drawers.

I decided that it was time to replace my reusable shopping bags. I got one of these bags from my sister a few years ago and it has held up well. I decided to get a few more. I am thrilled with the purchase!
I picked Light blue and navy blue, but they have a bunch of color and pattern choices.

I picked up this baby gift. It is my number one add on to a present. My boys both LOVED the O ball and it’s an easy quiet toy that babies can grip, chew on, roll, and play with.

How fun is this sunshine pop socket? I used it with my yellow phone case all summer long!

I knew we were going to be carrying on all our luggage when flying so I ordered these saline solution bottles. They are the perfect size for traveling!

I ordered three sets of these because we have three 70th birthdays to celebrate this year. We celebrated our moms this summer and Jeff’s dad turns 70 next month.

I have quite a few Swig cups and I love them all! I was looking for a water bottle to take with us on this summer and picked this one up. I love it and it kept our water cold on the sweltering Atlanta and New York City days!

I love Brooks Glycerin sneakers for running and walking. It was time for some new ones and these were on sale! I think Brooks was coming out with a new model soon, but I’ll take a sale on these sneakers! My feet felt great all summer long walking around Atlanta, New York City, the beach, Williamsburg, and Eldersburg.

A friend introduced me to these and I’ll never go back! I have trouble finding a strapless bra that doesn’t show in the armpits with a bunch of my sundresses. It really bothers me! These are so great! They have super coverage and lift and keep the girls in place!

This pillow is another game changer! I love my beach chair, but I found that I was always carrying an extra towel to use as a pillow when I was reading (which is all the time). I think social media was listening to my thoughts and presented me with an ad for this pillow. It felt a little ridiculous to spend this much on a beach pillow when I bought it, but I would do it all over again! You inflate it every time you use it so I could decide how big I wanted it to be. That makes it perfect for laying on your stomach, laying on your back, or sitting up! It also has a little strap to hook it to your beach chair so it doesn’t blow away or move. You can put sand in the pouch, but I didn’t because I didn’t want the pillow to get sandy. You can even buy an ice pack to put in the pillow to keep you cool. I ended up using it at the pool and the beach all summer.

On our swim team, the kids have buddies that they cheer on at the meets and give little gifts to. I bought Blink to give to my boys’ little buddies. It is a Parsons Family favorite game. I usually keep a deck in my pool bag to play during adult swim or when kids don’t feel like swimming.

When the boys got loft beds, I picked up clamp lights from Ikea. Jack’s stopped working and I didn’t have time to get to Ikea so I ordered this one. He loves it even more than the Ikea one because it has three shades of light and he can dim it.

I was looking for a fun, quiet activity for the cousins to do at the beach and found wheels that can help you make friendship bracelets. I bought this embroidery floss to use. It was great!

I’ve been watching these loafers for a while. They keep popping up in my Instagram ads. I finally hit buy now and I love them. I wore them this week and they were so comfy!

It was a three shoe day! Rubber Sperrys for the rain, pink sandals for school, pink loafers for dinner out.

I wanted a new clipboard folio for school. I have a Lilly one like this at home and knew it would be just right for school. I love it!

No one could find their school scissors from last year so I added this two pack to my cart. Jack is a lefty, but has no problem cutting with these.

My badge holder broke last week and I headed straight to Amazon to replace it. The kids are already noticing the sunshine on here. I love that it can clip in any direction but the sunshine will still be right side up.

I also ordered this personalized one. It came so fast and I love it!

Mine says Mrs. Parsons 😊

And now my two old favorites! I love Amazon essentials t-shirts and tank tops. They are so soft and wear well! I wore the tank tops all summer and love to layer them under sweaters in the winter. I wear the short sleeve t-shirts all year long with shorts, jeans, and cardigans!

Yesterday I was looking for comfort and reached for these pull on jeans. They are so comfy and haven’t faded after I have worn and washed them since 2019!

Well, that was quite a list. I have a feeling that my Amazon account is going to get quiet a workout in the last three months of the year. I tend to do a lot of holiday shopping here because it’s so easy! I am also getting excited about the upcoming Holiday Deals days next week! Have you started making a list for that? I have!!

In keeping with my one day late trend this week, I’ll be back tomorrow with a Currently post so be sure to check it out. I am hoping to be back on track with Friday Favorites after that. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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7 thoughts on “Amazon Lately – 10/5/22

  1. Jennifer says:

    I added the scissors to my cart. We must have a scissors monster at our house. They seem to “vanish” constantly. Do you like your Sperry no tie shoes? I saw Sams Club had them and I was tempted.

  2. kedarhower says:

    Checking out those jeans! I love reusable bags too. I’m not a huge Vera fan, but I have a Vera one I used to haul back and forth to school when I had extras to carry in/out and it was so efficient. I like the Lilly ones better!

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