Friday Favorites – 8/26/22

Happy Friday! This is the last Friday before I go back to work and I am not ready! I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s true. I’ve been in to work a few mornings and one cloudy afternoon recently. I got a bunch done but I know next week will still be crazy getting ready for the first week of school. I have some favorites this week, so let’s get to it!

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Favorite 1: TRIPS!! I shared our trip to Virginia’s Historic Triangle area this week. We had a great time with my parents and experienced so many cool things about the start of our country. We went to Jamestown/Jamestowne. We went to Colonial Williamsburg. We went to Yorktown. My kids are already talking about the things they want to do when we go back.

I also shared our trip to Nags Head, North Carolina. That week at the beach is one of my favorite weeks. I always start each day with a sunrise walk on the beach and end the day with an outdoor shower. Jeff and I have been trying to figure out if we can squeeze in a few more days there next summer.

I love an outdoor shower! Every year, I come home from the beach and walk around my house trying to find a way to add an outdoor shower to my house. I know it’s impractical, but wouldn’t it be great when the kids come home filthy from playing outside all day or sweaty after a practice?? I would use it every single day in the late spring, summer, and early fall!

Favorite 2: LUKE!! Luke had middle school orientation this week. He saw a bunch of friends and was so excited when he was finished. I really enjoyed it, too! All of the parents has to pick up the kids’ computers and there was a looooong line. We got there early so after I picked up Luke’s computer, I saw a ton of friends and students’ parents. It was like a receiving line at a wedding!

Favorite 3: SUNSHINE!! I spent a few afternoons at the pool this week and the sunset last night was a lovely treat. I love being outside when the sun is shining!

Favorite 4: BOOKS! Monday was a cloudy rainy day and evening. It was perfect weather to enjoy a book on the couch. Our family room has a bunch of windows and I love to read and watch the rain in there. The rest of the week has been sunny and lovely, perfect for reading a book poolside!

Favorite 5: POOL! There are three things that I do at the pool each year. 1. I take a cannonball video of the kids. This year’s video is funny. Cannonball form isn’t great but the boys were laughing the whole time.
2. I swim at least a 25 of butterfly. I don’t swim much in the winter, but I always like to make sure I can still swim at least a 25 fly.
3. I do a front flip of the diving board. Our diving board isn’t high or exceptionally bouncy, but I can do a flip. I just like to make sure the old girl (me) still has it.
We did all three this week! This old girl can still do it. We’ll check again next year.

Favorite 6: GLASSES!! I got new glasses this year for the first time in years. I decided to order them online for the first time. I am pleased with them. I think the pink glasses are a little big on my face, but I was looking for really big lenses so I can see everywhere with my glasses on. I love the tortoise shell pair, too. They still sit a little high on my face, but I think I can take them to an optical store and have the nose piece fitted. I only wear my glasses for at most 20 minutes a day and very rarely out of my house, so this is the most public viewing they’ll get. These pictures are exactly how I wear them – those few minutes in bed before I go to sleep.

Favorite 7: OLD FAVORITES!! This old set from Old Navy is one of my favorites. It is a quarter zip, tank top, and matching bra. I always forget about Old Navy’s active clothing until I pull this one out. It is so comfy and was perfect for Tuesday’s weather, a little cool in the morning, hot all day, and cool again after the sun went down.

Favorite 8: FRIENDS!! We haven’t been home much this month so the kids are excited to see friends when we are. Luke had a buddy over and they were too funny playing with Oculuses. Jack’s been spending a bunch of time on the golf course with friends and met up with some buddies at the pool yesterday.

Favorite 9: GETTING STUFF DONE!! I usually start to panic a little this week about all the things I haven’t done this summer. I borrowed my dad’s truck this week and made a run to the dump for us and our neighbor. We had a few old goals, grills, and lumber between the two of us. I weeded our garden so it no longer looks like we’ve abandoned it. I still need to organize our pantry before I go back on Monday.

Hello Monday – The Beach
Visiting Jamestown
Visiting Colonial Williamsburg
Visiting Yorktown

We have two blank squares on the calendar this weekend! I can hardly believe it but I am going to soak it up! I need to help the kids pack for Camp Gigi because they’re going away for four days next week. I’m hoping to spend a bunch of time at the pool. I think Jeff and Jack are going to play golf. It’s going to be a great weekend full of sunshine and books! I hope yours is too!

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