Friday Favorites – 8/5/22

Happy Friday! We had another great summer week, with one little hiccup. Jeff wasn’t feeling very good while the boys and I were away, so he took a test. And another one bites the dust. Darn positive! He’s feeling ok and will hopefully feel great soon! I do have some favorites, so let’s get to it!

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Favorite 1: SWIM TEAM!! The boys finished up their swim season on Saturday. It was a fun day! They swam in the division championship meet Saturday morning and we had our swim team banquet that night. The kids had a blast and Luke showed off his dance moves again this year. I already can’t wait for next year!

I love our swimmers!

Favorite 2: FRIENDS!! The boys and I visited my college roommate Amy in Alabama this week. We had another Monday morning 3:30 wake up for a 6 am flight. With the early start and time zone change, we had the whole day with Amy and her kids. On Monday, we toured her town and it is so cute!

On Monday night, we headed to the beach. The weather wasn’t perfect on Tuesday, but we had the best time together. I love that Amy and I can pick up like no time has passed when we see each other. Our kids are just the same!! We are all excited for the next time we’ll get together.

I was a little worried about our flights because we had to change planes in Nashville and weren’t taking off until 9:30 pm. Well, it all worked out perfectly and we were on a very empty late night flight home.

Favorite 3: BOOKS!! I shared what I was reading last week and I’m still reading up a storm. I finished Rivals in the American Royal series and it was good! I was surprised by the cliff hanger ending and can’t wait for book four.

I finished Out of the Clear Blue Sky by Kristan Higgins this week and I loved it!

I can’t remember who said they cried and laughed out loud while reading it, but I did too. I was sitting right here on the beach and went from laugh to tears and back again.

Favorite 4: MANI/PEDI! I used to get my nails done a bunch. After everything shut down and reopened I didn’t really go back. I had some free time last week and scheduled a mani/pedi for myself. My cuticles and my feet feel so much better.

Favorite 5: MOVIE NIGHT!! Last Friday was a rainy night and Jeff was at a Dirty Heads concert. The boys and I watched Yes Day. It was so cute and I recommend it. Jack and Luke haven’t asked for a yes day, but I may suggest it before summer is over.

New York City – Part 1
New York City – Part 2

I am going to be packing for the beach today and tomorrow while laying low. I’m hoping Jeff keeps getting better every day. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 8/5/22

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    I hope Jeff is feeling better soon! Luke with the dances moves! Love it. Looks like he was popular ❤️ your Alabama trip looks like so much fun, and I’m glad you had easy travels. You reading Rivals reminds me that I want to read book 2. Maybe I can do that soon. Love the mani / pedi. Have a great weekend.

  2. scottaew says:

    Love your mani/pedi color and how fun that you got to do a little trip to Alabama! Go away, Covid! Seriously! Ugh! I hope he is negative soon. Looks like you had a great swim season!

  3. rawsonjl says:

    We really enjoyed Yes Day too! Your time at the beach with friends look wonderful; even if the weather wasn’t perfect.

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