Friday Favorites – 6/24/22

Happy Friday! This has been a whirlwind of a week. I got out of isolation/quarantine but I was still pretty cautious/masked until yesterday. I am still finishing up my work hours for school but it still feels like summer!

Linking up with Erika and Andrea

Favorite 1: YELLOW SHORTS! I have been trying to get these shorts on Amazon for years! I see the ad, click on it, and they never have my size. I usually size up in athletic shorts for comfort. The last time I clicked, they had them and I was so excited! When they arrived, I wasn’t so sure because the lining/biker shorts are a little thicker than I’m used to. I almost cut them out, but I’m so glad I didn’t. I love them!

Favorite 2: PLAYING!! Jack and Luke have been playing outside a ton lately. In the summer, we usually spend a ton of time at the pool, but haven’t lately. I love it!

Favorite 3: BOOKS!! Luke and I got to meet Mary Alice Monroe this week! I was so excited to meet her. She is one of the few authors I love that I haven’t met yet! Mary Alice was on tour for her middle grade book, Search for Treasure. We haven’t read it yet, but Luke and I are loving The Islanders. I love how much Mary Alice Monroe teaches her readers so much about nature without lecturing. I love her message of “less screen, more green” for kids (and grown ups). I was excited to hear what MAM is working on next. It’s a two book series in the low country but it won’t be out for a while.

I haven’t read quite as much this week as I did last week, but I did finish one book and start another. I enjoyed The Homewreckers by Mary Kay Andrews and I am loving Book Lovers by Emily Henry.

I loved reading on my deck this week and enjoying the sunset!

Favorite 4: POLISH!! I love painting my nails. I think it’s calming and it requires me to sit still for a bit. I usually read a bunch while my nails are drying. This week I used Sun-rise Up by OPI. It’s a pinky coral with a little sparkle.

Favorite 5: POOL!! I was so excited to go back to the pool on Monday! It was a gorgeous day and Jeff was off so he came, too! I am looking forward to spending some time at the pool today, too!

Favorite 6: EVENING WALKS!! I love so many things about summer and the schedule is one of them! I love that I can workout in the morning and go for a great walk after dinner is cleaned up. Sometimes Jeff goes with me and sometimes I go solo, either way I love my evening walks!

Favorite 7: FATHERS!! We celebrated the dads on Sunday! I didn’t take any pictures (oops) until we got back home. It was a tasty day of celebrating and hanging out appreciating the dads!

Favorite 8: GOODR! I have a pair of goodr sunglasses and the kids love them. As part of our kick off to summer, we ordered a few pairs! I accidentally ordered two of the same pair, so I do need to make a return. The kids and I love the colors!

Favorite 9: MAGGIE!! I missed a few dinners with Maggie but we were back to chatting last night. She is just so cute and I cannot wait to have actual dinner with her next week!!

Favorite 10: GOLF!! Jack is volunteering with golf camp this summer and it’s going well. He’s also getting a ton of practice. Last night he stayed for over an hour after camp to practice. He’s so happy on the course!!

Favorite 11: CSA!! I am so happy that we signed up for a bigger share with our CSA this year. We get fresh eggs, bread, fruits, and veggies every week. Yesterday we got this head of lettuce! Do you see that soda can for size reference? Needless to say, chicken Caesar salad is on the menu tonight!

Do you have a CSA or produce/meat box subscription? My goal in joining was to try new fruits and veggies. I haven’t done a great job of that, but we are eating more local, fresh fruits and veggies.

Hello Monday

Well, if you are still here through ELEVEN favorites, thanks for sticking around! We have a fun summer weekend ahead of us: a concert tonight, a swim meet Saturday morning, a baby shower Saturday afternoon, and a graduation party on Sunday afternoon, with some pool time sprinkled in. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 6/24/22

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    That’s so neat that you met another author. I will have to check out her books for my kids. I love the mail polish. Perfect for summer. Maggie is too cute! We got trav a pair of Goodr glasses last year for his birthday and he loves them. I’m so happy that you have resumed normal activities. Have a great weekend!

  2. scottaew says:

    Love that nail polish color and I can’t wait to read Book Lovers! How cool to meet that author and I love her message, too. Your first real week of summer sounds like it was perfect. I need to go to the farmer’s market this weekend. I just love the atmosphere!

  3. rawsonjl says:

    Oh this post just screams summer fun– cute nails, lovely new shorts, pool side, great books… what’s not to love?!

  4. Patty says:

    Ugh. Sorry about the quarantine. I need to get back to my evening walks too.

    We have been doing Butcher Box the last few months and loving it. If you or anyone else wants a coupon code, just message me at

    Happy Friday

  5. Lauren says:

    Oh I would LOVE to join a CSA! I have often thought about joining a produce subscription box, but have never looked into it. Maybe it’s time!

  6. Jinjer says:

    The Dinner With Maggie sessions look so cute. I wonder if she looks forward to them and makes any indication that she wants you to / expects you to pop up on the screen

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