Friday Favorites – 6/3/22

Happy Friday! This week has been great and I have some favorites to share. I hope you had a great week, too!

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Favorite 1: JUNE!! I am always excited to turn the calendar to June. It starts with a packed calendar, but everything is usually so much fun! The packed days last about ten days and then every day is full of sunshine and books!

Favorite 2: JACK!! I am so happy to share that Jack is feeling great! He’s out of quarantine, back to school, and back to his normal self. He did a lot of schoolwork when he was home for five days, but still had a bunch to make up when he got back this week. He is doing a great job and crushing these last few days of school!

Jack is getting ready to start phase two of braces. At his appointment this week, they pulled out his last baby tooth! I cannot believe it is almost 7 years to the day between these two pictures.

Jack had his band concert this week. Middle school band concerts are so good! We recognized the songs and the kids do such a great job! This year, his band director had each musical groups stand up for a solo. This trumpet mom was thrilled to actually see Jack playing!

Favorite 3: LUKE! Luke had his last elementary school field day this week. It was HOT but so much fun! Luckily my assigned job was to monitor the 4th and 5th grade areas so I could spend most of the day with him! I’m really going to miss this having kiddo at school with me next year!

We had a fundraiser at Rita’s this week and Luke’s teacher volunteered to help. He was so excited to see them there!

Favorite 4: GRANDPARENTS!! Our parents have been the best cheering sections lately! They’ve been to band concerts, soccer games, and field days. It is so great to have them so close and the boys love having them come and cheer them on!

Favorite 5: MAGGIE!! My schedule and Maggie’s (Annie’s) schedule have not been lining up lately. I only had one FaceTime dinner this week, but it is so fun!

Monthly Musings
Hello Tuesday

We are going to spend a good bit of time at the pool on Saturday and I can’t wait. The weather is going to be perfect and we have our annual crab feast on Saturday evening. Luke has his last soccer game on Sunday and then we’ll probably head back to the pool. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 6/3/22

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    What a great week. So many fun end of the school year things. I always loved helping with field day. You are so lucky to have family nearby. I wish we had that for our kids…although we make the best of it when family visits. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. rawsonjl says:

    Oh yes, sometimes I feel like these next two weeks might kill me but I am happy to have all the end of the year activities going on. I am really looking forward to sleeping in on June 21st though and not having to drive anyone anywhere.

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