Friday Favorites – 5/6/22

Happy Friday! Scratch that – Happy Saturday! I did not get this done on Thursday night or Friday! I went to bed as soon as possible both nights! I thought I had allergies, but now I think it’s a little bug. I feel confident it is not *C19* because I have gotten multiple negative test results.

This week has been fun! We are keeping up with our routines and anxiously counting down the days until school is out! It’s a pretty high number – 25 – but I bet it will fly by!

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Favorite 1: BOOKS! My mom and I went to see Adriana Trigiani talk about her newest book on Monday night. We had the best time! I’ve never met Adriana, but she reminded me of a Bette Midler character. One of the first things she told us was that she was a theater major in college and no one was surprised by that! She had such a command of the stage and her delivery. She was funny, touching, serious, and light throughout the hour she talked. I can’t wait to read the book about a family matriarch telling her story!

We finished our school wide book club this week. We had an assembly to celebrate reading the book on Thursday and it was the first whole school assembly we’ve had since March of 2020! It felt so good to see everyone together. I may have spent half of the assembly teaching and reminding the kids how to attend an assembly, but it was worth it!

Favorite 2: JACK!! I was able to go to Jack’s golf match last weekend! It was chilly and rainy, but it was great! He’s really playing well. We headed to the driving range/putting green this week, but I had a bunch of schoolwork to do. He practiced, I cut 450 leaves, and we headed home feeling accomplished!

Favorite 3: LUKE!! As we are counting down the days until school is over, we are also counting down the days until Luke is off to middle school! Just the other day, we got an email about all of the 5th grade activities coming up. Just reading it had me tearing up! I know Luke is ready for middle school, but those passage of time moments get me every time!

Here is getting on the bus the first day of kindergarten! 😍

Favorite 4: MAGGIE and ANNIE!! We’ve been facetime-ing with my sister and niece a few times this week. Maggie’s dinner happens to coincide with our rides to practice or dinner time. We’ve had a great time seeing Maggie so much!

Favorite 5: BOOK BONUS!! It’s so rainy and cold here today! It’s a great day for reading. I am always curious to see what people are reading so I made an Instagram story template. Feel free to save it and share it on your story. Please tag me so I can see what you’re reading, @sunnyscp.

Hello Monday

We are still waiting to hear about Jack’s golf match tomorrow, but all of Luke’s games have been canceled for the weekend. I have a big list of things to do around the house and hope to spend a good bit of time reading! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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