This or That Thursday – 10/20/21

Happy Thursday! This week is flying by. I’m not sure if you noticed, but there was a full moon. A VERY FULL MOON!! I am a full believer in the effect of the moon on people. You can ask any teacher or nurse and I bet they will confirm this.

The picture above is from Tuesday night and the picture below is Wednesday night. They are both lovely, but so very full!

I’m sharing a fun Halloween this or that today. I love doing these.

🎃 I love chocolate candy and if it has peanut butter that’s even better. That being said, I don’t turn down much candy. I love sour candy and orange slices.
🎃 I pick witches over vampires, especially if they are Hocus Pocus witches.
🎃 I’m all about the treats. Yum!
🎃 I don’t love Halloween parties, but I do not do scary movies EVER!
🎃 I think skeletons can be cute. Zombies gross me out!
🎃 My mom is always so great on Halloween. She comes over and hands out candy for us. I love to trick-or-treat with the kids because it’s fun to see all the kids out having a blast. I may also sneak a Reese’s cup or two from the boys’ bags.
🎃 I like corn mazes in the daylight that are not too challenging. Hayrides make me itchy. 😂
🎃 Funny costume all the way!! Jeff and I have been Thing 1/Thing 2, Jesse & Slater, Waldo and Wanda, and lifeguards recently. We do not do scary!
🎃 I hate pumpkin and pumpkin flavored anything. No thank you!
I had a run in with a dead bat that our cat brought to me when I was a teenager. I do not prefer either!
🎃 See pumpkin answer above… I will always pick hot chocolate.

I’ll be sharing on my instagram stories and feed today. Please tag me if you share your Halloween choices. My instagram handle is @sunnyscp and I can’t wait to see your choices. I have a super list of favorites for you tomorrow! I hope you’ll be back to check it out. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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