Friday Favorites – 7/9/21

Happy Friday!! During the school year, I am so happy to see Friday! In the summer, I start to panic a little with every passing Friday because it feels like summer is going too fast! I’m sharing a summer day in the life on my Instagram stories today. Be sure to follow along over there. I am sunnyscp.

I have a bunch of favorites from this week too. Let’s get to them!

Favorite 1: BOOKS!! Oh my goodness! I LOVE LOVE LOVED The Sixth Wedding by Elin Hilderbrand. I read it in a little over an hour on Thursday morning and it was SO SO GOOD!!! I loved catching up with Cooper, Jake, Frey, Leland, and Lincoln. Elin did such a great job weaving it all together.

I also ADORED Golden Girl by Elin Hilderbrand. Golden Girl was just so good! I loved the parallels to Elin’s life and devoured the book. I tried to slow down so it wouldn’t go so fast, but I just couldn’t help reading it as often and quickly as possible! She is truly the queen of the beach reads!!

I finished People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry this week, too. I really enjoyed it. I loved the premise and how the story jumped around over 11 summers. It wasn’t really about the people you meet on vacation, like Beach Read wasn’t a beach read, but Emily Henry told another great story!

Favorite 2: RED, WHITE, & BLUE!! I love celebrating America and July 4th might be my second favorite holiday, after Christmas. I spent all weekend showing some love for the USA!

And the best part of it is we can keep loving on America when the Olympics start in a two weeks!! We have been watching Olympic trials in a bunch of sports and are getting so excited!

Favorite 3: GAMES!! I’ve been lucky to have Jack home with me one evening and Luke home with me one evening this week. They each picked a game and we had so much fun! Jack and I played Play Nine, a golf card game, and Luke and I played Sequence. I love playing games and it’s a fun way to spend a rainy or super hot night.

Favorite 4: TRACK!! We are all running a little bit more these days. It works best when we run at the track because everyone runs their own pace. I’m the slowest runner in my family, but I’m ok with it because everyone is in such a great mood when we leave the track.

Favorite 5: THE POOL!! We had a busy 10 days at the pool. In addition to it being the only place to be outside because the real feel was over 100, we’ve had some parties. Last Friday, we had Family Fun night. Saturday evening, we had a crab feast. On Monday, we had a four family cookout. And on Thursday, we had our first middle school movie night. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous for that one 😳, but the kids were great!!

Favorite 6: CORAS DEN! You know I can’t let a week go by without sharing my favorites from Cora’s Den! How cute are these sharks for shark week? I think they’ll be joining my jewelry box!

I also love my new Sarah necklace. I love anything with my name or monogram on it and this is so summery and cute! It matches all my Lilly, too!

Two couched kiddos behind me –
Jack had two teeth pulled and Luke had swimmer’s ear.

Favorite 7: PLANNERS!! I love the beginning of July because it means a new planner! I am so excited to set it up and get everything ready for the next year. I went back to the Erin Condren vertical weekly layout and I am so glad I did.

Favorite 8: PEONIES!! I love peonies and have been waiting for our Trader Joe’s to get them. I started to give up hope that my TJ’s would actually get them. Low and behold, there they were on Tuesday morning. 😍 They are so beautiful!! They tend to make Jeff sneeze, but I told him to just stay away. 😂

Favorite 9: JACK AND LUKE!! We’ve really had a great summer week! The kids have been so good and we’ve had a ton of fun doing our regular thing.

On the way to middle school movie night at the pool 😍
I just love his imagination! 😍

Tuesday Book Release Day

We have a busy weekend! The boys have their first summer swim meet of the year. Jack has his last baseball tournament of the season. I’m running the next Made to Move Summer Series run with my friend Jamie. Hopefully we’ll get some relaxing pool time, too! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 7/9/21

  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady says:

    Love all of the summer goodness in this post- I devoured Golden Girl too- now reading The Sixth Wedding and loving that of course as well- yes to all things patriotic- we cannot wait for the olympics!

  2. jgalvinwhite says:

    Yay! For peonies and planners 🙂 I’m glad you TJ finally had them! I can’t wait to read GG & 6th wedding. I’m still on wait list for GG, but I plan on buying kindle version of 6th wedding some time soon

  3. scottaew says:

    I liked GG more than People butneither will be at my top for summer. Float Plan is still my fave! That is great to do the track! Happy weekend!

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