Family Vacation – 7/1/21

Happy July!! I love July because it is the one full month of summer for us! School ends sometime in June and I go back to work at the end of August, so July is my school & work free month!

Last Thursday morning we hopped in the minivan and headed to The Greenbrier. It takes us about four hours to get there and it’s a fun drive. Our route takes us right through James Madison University, my alma mater, and I love to see it! Driving down 81 brings back so many great memories for me!

Upon checkin, I had a delicious glass of champagne. This vacation was starting out perfectly! I love how The Greenbrier takes care of everything. The bellman unloads your car and brings everything to your room. They also had the guys’ golf bags sent to the course to be ready for them the next morning.

We got to our room and it was lovely! The red sofa was a sleep sofa so there were beds for four. Jack and Luke usually sleep better in separate beds so we brought an air mattress and there was plenty of room for it.

I love all the colors and patterns that Dorothy Draper and Carlton Varney included when designing the look of The Greenbrier!!

We headed down to the pool to burn off a little energy before dinner. The pool is so lovely! **There’s a lot of lovely in this post because it really is the best way to describe this resort.** It’s an infinity pool that overlooks the golf course. They keep it a little heated so it’s refreshing but not freezing. Again, lovely!

Once my parents arrived, we all got ready for dinner. I didn’t take any pictures of dinner but we had a fun table overlooking the casino at Draper’s Cafe. The kids loved seeing everything in the casino and hearing people cheer when they won big.

Jack loved wearing his blazers and was always ready for the dress code.

My sister, Annie, her husband, Zach, and their daughter, Maggie, arrived around 1:30 am so we were excited to see them on Friday morning. We decided to order room service breakfast and that was a fun treat for the kids!

Jeff, Jack, my dad, and Zach were playing the Old White golf course on Friday. Jack was SO EXCITED and so were the other guys.

Luke and I did a high ropes course while they golfed. It was our first and it was really fun. Luke can’t wait to do another one and I can’t wait to watch him. 😂 I had a lot of fun, but I think I’m retired from high ropes courses.

We all met up at the pool for lunch. Luke was so curious about the fountains. He spent a good portion of his pool time like this:

He did discover a lot about the fountains and how they all work together after all that time though.

Around 4, we left the pool and got ready for our family picture. We picked a Lilly print and colors for the girls to wear and coordinated the boys. The picture turned out great, but it’s my mom’s Christmas card so you’ll just have to wait until then to see it. Here’s a little sneak peek.

We had a great dinner at the golf course and Jeff spent some time with Maggie when she was finished eating.

On Saturday morning, we woke up and headed to the main dining room for breakfast. It was delicious. The Greenbrier has a pretty strict dress code and I think it was lovely. As much as I love my exercise clothes, sometimes it’s nice to dress up a little.

We had two reservations at the pool on Saturday so we spent about four hours there. I enjoyed a few pineapple mojitos! We played in the pool and relaxed while Annie and Zach went to the shooting range.

This book is fabulous!!

They had a blast shooting and were pretty successful! The shooting range was in a gorgeous spot on the resort!

Before dinner, we played Kids Against Maturity in my parents’ room. We realized that Annie never took her Christmas picture with Jack and Luke, so we did it here!

There’s always a giggling picture with these three!
We always say Luke is the best big brother that never will be and he had so much fun playing with Maggie!

Saturday night we went back to Draper’s for dinner. It was delicious!

We had a babysitter so after dinner Annie took Maggie up to bed. Once she was sleeping, we did an escape room. I’ve never done one before and we had a blast. The kids are asking to do another one already! It was Wizard of Oz themed and the puzzles were so fun.

Handsome boys!

Jeff and I took our kids up to the sitter around 9 and we all headed to the casino. I’m not a very experienced casino go-er but we had SO MUCH FUN!! We met a bunch of people at the black jack table and it was fun talking to them.

I love this dress, but the real reason for this picture is the bathroom.
How fabulous is the wall paper?!?

On Sunday morning, Jeff, Jack, Luke, my dad, and Zach played golf.

The girls had a relaxing morning and headed to the pool. I meandered on my way down to the pool and took some pictures as I went. This place is GORGEOUS!

I love how resorts often have random speed limits. 😂
Heading back after a lovely pool afternoon!

Coincidentally, I packed a dress that matched pants and a dress that Annie and Maggie packed. Annie and I do that quite often so it was fun to match again. Dinner at the golf course was delicious!

Jeff and Maggie spent some more time together after she finished eating.

We walked home and got a family selfie in front of the Spring House.

The Greenbrier has a bunker built under part of the hotel. The babysitter told the boys how to find it so they were determined to do just that. I was pretty excited to find it too. Then it was packing and off to bed.

Monday morning we all checked out and headed to the dining room for breakfast. We had another great meal before we hit the road.

Heading home happy!

It was the loveliest weekend. We had so much fun together with my parents and Annie’s family! The Greenbrier was great for our family because there were so many different things to do and we could all do everything we wanted to do! Thank you Mom and Dad for this wonderful time together!!! It was just so much fun!

I’ll be dreaming of those pineapple mojitos by the pool all day today!! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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    This looks like the perfect spot for a vacation! It’s been on our list, and now I really want to make it happen. I loved all the photos and looks like there really was something for everyone! Maggie is so cute! I bet everyone fights to hold her 😀

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