Friday Favorites – 3/12/21

Happy Friday! I am so happy it is Friday!! This week has been unexpectedly busy and I have found myself crawling into bed later than planned most nights. Even though it’s been busy, it’s been a good week.

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Favorite 1: SUNSHINE!! Oh my goodness, the weather this week has been positively divine!! The sun has been shining and it has been gloriously warm! I was telling someone today that I would be so grateful if it stayed like this (low 70s) until school ended and then we can crank up the heat for summer!

For the first time in as long as I can remember, we weren’t freezing at the first outdoor spring practice of the year.

Favorite 2: BOOKS!! I spent a good bit of time outside on Wednesday reading. One of the best things about my job is that reading counts as working as long as they are children’s books. Could it get any better? I read The Unsung Hero of Birdsong, USA by Brenda Woods. It was great book that touched on some tough race topics in post WWII South Carolina. It felt perfect for right now and I highly recommend it for middle grade readers!

Favorite 3: SPRING COLORS! I picked this polish up at the store this week. It’s is Sally Hansen Color Therapy Mauve Mantra. I love it and it is getting me ready for spring!

Earlier this week, before it got so wonderfully warm, I was feeling the spring colors! I love this oldie but goodie Lilly sweater and it goes perfectly with my plaid shoes! We have 66 days of school left and the pool opens in 78 days, in case you were wondering. 😎

Favorite 4: SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!! As I was undecorating for Valentine’s Day, I realized I didn’t have much for St. Patrick’s Day. I picked up these cute wreaths and shamrocks.

I am also loving these shamrock earrings for St. Patrick’s Day. They’re Cora’s Den. Don’t forget I have a 10% off code for you – SUNSHINEANDBOOKS10.

Favorite 5: STRETCH!! My word of the year is STRETCH and I stretched this weekend. I hosted my first Beautycounter popup. It was fun to share all the good things that Beautycounter is doing! Feel free to check it out! My current favorites are the coconut clean deodorant, the vitamin C serum, and the countermatch serum.

Favorite 6: JACK AND LUKE!! I’ve gotten some good one on one time with the boys this week and I’ve enjoyed it! Luke and I spent some time together while Jack was at baseball. Jack and I had some time together before Luke came home one day. Even though we spend a ton of time together, it is nice to get that one on one time.

Jack taught himself to skateboard this week.

I also managed to get a rare picture/snuggle with Jack!

Luke wore this orange sweatshirt for what should be the last time this weekend. Jack got it for his 4th birthday, so I’d say we got our moneys worth.

Favorite 7: JEFF!! Jeff and I had our Sunday grocery store date again this week. It is so nice to have that time with him and no one to interrupt us. We did find ourselves dancing and singing along to the music in the grocery store. We decided that the grocery stores have upped their music game and it didn’t mean we were getting old.

Favorite 8: RITA’S!! We have some friends that just bought a few Rita’s franchises. They invited us to the soft opening and I am so glad we went. The kids got the Italian ice but I tried the custard for the first time. It was so delicious!! I will definitely be ordering that next time we go!

Favorite 9: WORK!! We only had two days of in person learning this week because we are preparing for all the students who want to come back for all 4 days. With this gorgeous weather we had our lunch outside. I opted to close my eyes and pretend I was in Aruba soaking up the sun and beach breezes instead of on an elementary school blacktop. It worked for a little while. 😎 😍

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We have a fun weekend planned. Luke’s playing in a soccer tournament and Jack is playing in a golf tournament. We are going out to dinner on Saturday. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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