Amazon Lately – 2/2/21

Happy Tuesday! It’s a two post Tuesday here on Sunshine & Books! In addition to all of these Amazon finds, I’m also sharing six new books today on my Tuesday Book Release Day post. I haven’t done much Amazon shopping this year, but I’m loving just about everything I bought. I’m linking up with Tanya today and you can check out her post to see what others are loving too!

I have been trying to read Atomic Habits by James Clear at the library for almost a year. I finally decided to buy it and I am so glad I did. I am NOT a person that writes in books, but this books is really speaking to me. I find myself underlining way more than I ever have!

I got this shampoo scrubber for my boys. Jack’s hair is so so thick that it’s hard to get it wet. I think this will help him really scrub his hair and scalp and get all the chlorine out of his hair when he washes. Luke loves a scalp massage so I think he’s going to love it. The shipping was a little delayed with our snow storm, so I’ll let you know how the kids like it.

I got a new phone for Christmas and needed a new phone case or two. I had one of these phone cases for my iPhone 8 and love them for my 12 pro max, too. I decided to return the green one because it wasn’t quite as bright of a green as I was looking for.

I started taking a few new vitamins and was having a hard time remembering to take them all. I saw this vitamin case and knew it would be perfect. It holds my six gummy vitamins – 2 daily vitamins, 2 elderberry vitamins, and 2 biotin vitamins – and one vitamin D soft gel. I put it in my lunchbox and haven’t missed a day of vitamins yet.

I love this desk calendar so much I actually bought it twice! I have one on my desk at home and one on my desk at work. The sayings are so fun and encouraging!

I like to have a full month wall calendar hanging near my desk at work. These beautiful beaches are just what I want to be looking at on a cold day!

Luke’s straw water bottle has been leaking so I picked this one up for him. I got the straw lid to so he can drink water without taking his mask off at school. I love that it can go in the dishwasher every day too!

That’s what I’ve been priming this month. We are using all of them every day! Don’t forget to check out the new books coming out today. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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