Hello Monday – 1/18/21

Happy Monday! We are off school today for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and I am ready to enjoy it! We had a great weekend! Both boys played soccer and Jack played basketball on Saturday. They all did well!

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Luke and I saw this beautiful sunrise when we got to school on Friday! 😍 I love the camera on my new phone! This picture is without a filter.

The boys’ swim team isn’t doing any meets this year. To help the kids see progress, they are doing monthly time trials with specific events. This month was full of longer distances. Jack swam 200 IM and his first 500 freestyle. He beat his goal time and is ready to swim it again because he thinks he can swim even faster. Luke swam 200 freestyle and 200 IM for the first time. He was a little nervous, but did a great job! It was fun to watch the boys cheer each other on!

On Saturday, everyone went to games. I took Jack to soccer. Jeff took Luke to soccer and Jack to basketball. I was excited to get this book mail that I ordered from Blackwell’s in the UK. These are the second and third books in The Little School by the Sea series by Jenny Colgan. I ordered the first book, but it shipped separately. Hopefully it will be here soon.

I was in a book club for So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo and I had a few chapters to finish in the book. I finished it this weekend. The book and our amazing discussions were really powerful. I find myself thinking about everything with another lens now, examining my privileges. I am starting another book club with Atomic Habits by James Clear. I have checked this book out from the library a few times, but never read it. I’m finally digging in right now!

We didn’t have anything to do on Sunday and it felt great! Jeff and I went on a grocery store date, like we did last week. It is a nice way to start the day!

Sunday afternoon, I decided to tackle the freezers. They were full and not very organized. I took everything out, inventoried it, and put it back in a much more organized way. The veggies are together, the fruits are together, the breakfast items are together, etc. When I inventory the freezer or pantry, I take everything out and record it in a messy list. Then I will go back and rewrite the list by type of food. The last time I did this was in April. I am going to leave the list on a clipboard on the counter or clipped to the freezer so everyone can mark off what they use. Hopefully this will help me to always know what we have.

This is my messy list. Jeff and I have a few GF things to discuss if he is going to eat them or not. After that I’ll rewrite my neater, categorized list.

I also took down all the outside Christmas lights. I know it is way past time, but I love the lights. We keep the candles in the windows until the time change to light up the dark nights.

We got an amazon delivery and Luke was pretty excited that they put it in his delivery holder! It’s coming down tomorrow morning. My mom did a great job navigating it like a ninja to get in the door the other day, but it’s time for it to come down.

We spent the rest of Sunday evening watching football (Go Chiefs! Go Saints!) and relaxing. As I write this Sunday evening, I am hoping to finish Two Truths and a Lie by Meg Mitchell Moore tonight!

Have a great Monday full of sunshine and books!

10 thoughts on “Hello Monday – 1/18/21

  1. rawsonjl says:

    That is such a beautiful sky! My husband and I have fallen into weekend grocery dates lately too. We tend to need two carts and it’s just not a job I can do alone anymore unless we go more than once a week. I try to take inventory of our freezers monthly and keep a list handy so I can use up what we have with our meal planning.

  2. SMD says:

    That sunrise!

    I am attending a virtual event at my library tomorrow with Ijeoma Oluo on her new book. I cannot wait!

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