Let It Snow! 12/16/20

Happy Wednesday! We are getting excited for our first big snow of the year! The weather maps look like this…

And we are somewhere in the 6-18 inches range!! Wednesdays are completely virtual in our district already so we aren’t getting a snow day. I understand, but I am pretty bummed to miss a little break from screens all day and cozy snow day fun. So this will be me today

This will be my kids, at home of course.

Or 2 guys at my house. 😉

Hopefully when school is over around 2 o’clock we can do more of this!

We’ll see what the weather brings. It’s supposed to start snowing between 7 and 11 am and snow through midnight. No matter what we are ready – hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls, and cookie dough ready to make! It’s the snow day trifecta! I also have a bunch of great Christmas books lined up to read in a cozy chair by a Christmas tree. Have a great day full of snowy sunshine and books!

7 thoughts on “Let It Snow! 12/16/20

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    Enjoy the snow ! I’m jealous. I saw a letter on Facebook being shared from Jefferson Co (Virginia, I think) with the superintendent sharing a sweet message about snow day (yesterday or maybe today?) because 2020 kids should have fun in the snow, take a break from screens and teachers deserve the break too. It was so sweet

  2. rawsonjl says:

    We’re in the 12+ band and while we have been told there will be no snow days this year either our school did caution us that they’ll have to cancel if there are widespread power outages.

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