Hello Monday – 11/16/20

Happy Monday!

I had the greatest weekend with some of my dearest friends celebrating our 40th birthdays!! However, that means I am nowhere near ready for the week. It’s the price we pay for fun, and oh so worth it!

I also came home to 8 LOUD Servpro fans and 2 dehumidifiers in my basement. When Jeff got home from Luke’s soccer game on Saturday afternoon the water alarm was going off in the basement and one of our NEW (from the leak in March) pipes had busted. Extremely hot water was spewing out onto our brand new furnace (installed on Thursday) and beyond. It was hot and humid. There was water all over the place and condensation EVERYWHERE!

Luckily he wasn’t gone all day and was able to shut the water off when he did. We are hoping that the fans and dehumidifiers will do the job and we won’t lose any furniture or the 5 area rugs down there. You know I always try to stay positive, so that’s what I am doing.

I have fun plans for our week here on Sunshine & Books, so here’s hoping I can get back on track today! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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