November Goals – 11/4/20

Happy Wednesday! I am sharing my goals for November today. I decided yesterday that I need to set some concrete goals in order to take control of this month and keep my act together.

I was pretty successful meeting my September goals. To recap, I wanted to read 4 books. I actually read 5!

I wanted to eat out once per week. We ended up eating about two times for week. On Tuesdays, the boys had a golf clinic and swim practice right after that, so we at carry-out from the golf course on Tuesday evenings.

I wanted to exercise every day and I have only missed 2 days since then. I’ve been on a roll getting a workout in before school and adding a walk during practices in the evenings.

I wanted to have some intentional time with my family. We have had some, but I think I could keep working on this one.

I wanted to have fun turning 40! I sure did! We had a happy hour on my birthday and a birthday celebration to weekend before.

I didn’t set any official goals in October. It was a crazy month of uncertainty about returning to school, sports schedules picking up, and switching to a hybrid model with 4 days of working in school. I gave myself a little grace, but it’s time to take charge of November!

Goal 1: Drink at least 96 ounces of water. I have a great 32 ounce cup that I love because it keeps my water so cold. It’s time to get back in the habit of drinking it 3 times. Wearing a mask all day and projecting my voice across the media center is really drying out my throat so I need that water.
Strategies: bring a water refill to school, drink another cup of water when I brush my teeth (am & pm), finish 32 ounce by lunch time and another by the 4 o’clock.

Goal 2: Read 4 books. Reading is my favorite way to recharge and calm down. So as we gear up for the holidays and things are busy with school, I need to reach for my books to maintain my sanity.
Strategies: always keep my book/kindle with me, go to bed about 15 minutes earlier to read, try to read some at work (kids books, of course), make requests at my library so desirable books are always available, read while my nails dry (see goal 3).

Goal 3: Give myself a manicure every week. Painting my nails is a great way to make myself sit down and relax. It also keeps me from evening snacking so I don’t mess up my newly painted nails.
Strategies: Just do it when the kids go to bed!

Goal 4: Exercise every day! This was a great goal in September/October and I want to make it a point again this month.
Strategies: get a workout in before school so I don’t have to worry about it later in the day, go to bed a little earlier so it’s easier to wake up.

Goal 5: Get the majority of my Christmas shopping done. My parents are going to my sister’s when her baby is born and we won’t see them again before Christmas so I need to have everything wrapped and ready in early December if I don’t want to pay to have it shipped. I also don’t want to be panicking because things may take longer to ship this year.
Strategies: make my gift list, look at Black Friday sale previews, shop small, get shopping for everyone on the list!

There you have it – water, read, relax (manicure), exercise, and shop! That sounds like a pretty good month to me! Here’s hoping I go into December hydrated, relaxed, fit, and prepared! 🤞🏽 Keep chasing your goals! I sure am!
Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    I love these goals. I’ve set a goal to drink more water this month too. I’m still limited on working out, but it’s my goal to walk 4 days this week and starting next week add in Pilates until I can lift / do more intense workouts .

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