What’s Up Wednesday – 10/28/20

Happy Wednesday! Wednesday is rapidly becoming my favorite day of the week around here. Even though every week I sing to all 450+ students at my school and their families that Friday is my favorite day, I am loving Wednesdays! This is our second week of hybrid school. Here we have 2 groups of kids. One comes Mon/Tues, the other comes Thur/Fri, and we are all virtual on Wed, but you can opt for your kids to be entirely virtual. So the boys and I are all home on Wednesday. It’s still working, but the morning pace is a little slower and I enjoy it!
I’m linking up with Shay and Sheaffer to share what else we’ve been up to.

Monday – tacos
Tuesday – dinner at the golf course
Wednesday – roasted chicken
Thursday – chicken Caesar wraps
Friday – dinner with friends for Kourtni’s birthday
Saturday – Halloween means chili
Sunday – dinner at my sister-in-law’s to celebrate 2 birthdays

These cuties!

And these Halloween cuties!

I am loving how excited my kids are to be back at school! In our district, they are allowing teachers’ kids to go to school all four days if childcare was an issue. So, both of my boys are going to school all 4 days. They really don’t mind wearing their masks. They love seeing a bunch of their friends (from 6 feet away). They love not doing so much work online.

As a teacher, I love seeing the kids in the building. I love how well they are doing wearing their masks and adjusting to the this spread out, different way that school is. I am so proud of all the kids!! I am so proud of all the teachers in my building and all of my kids’ teachers. They are out there doing this seemingly impossible task and doing it spectacularly. For instance, my daily schedule is set up to teach a maximum of 12 classes with no planning. Today I saw 15 classes of kids either for media or book checkout and I LOVED seeing those kids!

We have been on all the fields – soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and a golf course.

I pulled out our azaleas last weekend and I felt it all day on Monday! Azaleas are no joke! The roots are insane and so hard to remove! I used a shovel, 3 saws, and broke the pickax I was using! But it turned out so much better than it was. I’m hoping to plant hostas here in the spring.

I got to go see my sister for the first time in EIGHT months! We’ve never gone that long before and it was so fun to see her! And her belly!!! 👶🏼

I had an MRI this week for my foot. It is still bothering me after that surfing fall way back in July. I am dreading the possibility that it will be even more time until I can run again.

We have a very special guest coming to our house today! The kids and I are SO SO EXCITED about this visitor! It’s top secret right now, but it will most definitely be one of my favorites this Friday.

I haven’t been watching much. As soon as my head hits the pillow, my eyes close these days. However, we have been watching Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes on Sundays.

I am so excited for Hallmark movies! I am usually a Thanksgiving/Christmas purist, but I just don’t care this year. Christmas Hallmark movies bring me joy, so I am watching them now!

I’ve been reading in fits and spurts. I’m finishing some books in a few days and others are taking me weeks to read. Yesterday in the middle school parent pick up lot, I started the 4th book in Jenny Colgan’s Mure series. It is a Christmas book, but again, I don’t care! I’m looking for things that bring me joy and these books do!

I did read some tough books this month, too. These books provide a real view that is different than the life I’m living. I think they are important reads and I recommend them!

You can see the other books I’ve read in my Show Us Your Books. Edited – Oops, I didn’t do a Show Us Your Books this month. That’s how crazy things have been around here 😳

I am pretty excited about the books that came out this month, too!
October 6 October 13 October 20 October 27

I haven’t been listening to much because I’ve been with my kids pretty much all the time. When we get home from school, I like to play Zac Brown Band or Bruce Springsteen. Have you heard Ghosts by Bruce Springsteen? It’s super good!

I’ve been wearing all the Halloween jewelry and clothing!

These tops are so comfy on the weekends and evenings!

This cardigan is so cozy and perfect for fall!

We are celebrating a few birthdays within our bubble.

We are going to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood. Things look a little different and our county set some rules for safer trick-or-treating. I thought this year might be the year that Jack goes out with just friends, but given COVID I don’t think so. Either way, our kids are so excited!

Everything calms down a little bit for us next month and I am looking forward to that. I thrive off having things to do. After the total shut down for a few months, I found that I am thriving with not quite as much to do. This fall is taking us to the brink and I am looking forward to a little slow down. Our county isn’t allowing activities to happen inside schools, so that helps. We will have a few evenings with nothing to do and it will be nice.

That’s our life these days. Lots of family time, lots of time cheering our guys on, and some good books! I hope you have a great day full of sunshine and books!

8 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday – 10/28/20

  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady says:

    How did I miss your surfing accident? Geesh- I am so sorry…keep us posted on your foot..hope you can get back to running soon because I know how happy it makes you….love all of the boys’ pictures…so so sweet and that UPS costume is to die for! Congrats on being back at school- my kids just love it and they are appreciating it so much more now…I guess one of the silver linings if there are any…and yes to Hallmark…I started too…bring on the joy! 🙂

  2. jgalvinwhite says:

    Fun post! I’m so happy you were able to see your sister. It’s hard having family far away especially during times like these. I’m jealous you all are back to school …they’d discussed the option of teachers kids going back 4 days as well with plan like your all’s of Wednesday at home BUT we are now officially virtual for the rest of the semester 😔I hope your foot is better soon and that you all have a great Halloween!

  3. natashajk says:

    I’m glad you were able to see your sister and I’m sorry you’re still dealing with foot pain. I LOVE that Target cardigan and wish that I could a) get it in Canada or b) be able to go to The States and buy it at a Target there.

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