Friday Favorites – 10/23/20

Happy Friday!! I am so glad its Friday! This week has been a doozy, but it’s been good! I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorites from the week.

Favorite 1: SCHOOL!! Luke went back to school on Monday and Jack headed back on Thursday. They both had the greatest days and are excited to keep going!!

Our county is going back in the hybrid model. Kids go to school two days (mon/tue or thu/fri). Everyone is virtual on Wednesdays. Honestly it is so wonderful to have kids in the building! However, teachers are teaching kids in school and at home at the same time and the work load and pace are intense. I fear that it is completely unsustainable and I am really worried about the teachers mental health.

The first few days back at school in any year are busy and my watch is proving it!

I do love that my guys are still willing to take a few selfies with me before and after their school days.

Favorite 2: COMPUTERS! The boys are taking their computers to school and wanted to sticker them up before heading back this week. I kept thinking “this is so sweet” but said, “those laptops look so cool”.

Luke decided he wanted to use two screens when we were home for virtual learning on Wednesday. He actually managed it really well!

Favorite 3: FALL!! You know that summer will always be my favorite, but I love the changing of the leaves. My neighbor’s trees are some of my favorites. The color starts at the very top and slowly moves down the tree. 😍

Favorite 4: ROCKY ROSE! I picked up a few fall-ish nail colors recently and I love this one! It is Rocky Rose by Essie.

Favorite 5: JEWELRY!! I’m teaching in a mask and on a tiny Google Meet square and these earrings and necklaces are so much fun!

Favorite 6: PERCUSSION!! Luke started playing percussion this year. He had his lesson in my office on Tuesday and it was so fun to listen to him.

He’s been practicing while I’m working lately. Thank goodness for the drum pad or it would be VERY VERY loud!

Favorite 7: BOOKS! I love that students are checking out books from our school library again! I have been trying to carve out more time to read this week, but it has been so busy! I’m still reading Endless Beach by Jenny Colgan. I love her Mure series!

That’s it for the week. I am hoping to get some fall yard work done this weekend. I can’t wait to cheer on my boys playing soccer, golf, and lacrosse this weekend. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 10/23/20

  1. Joanne says:

    Our school has been doing hybrid from day one and it is not only the teacher’s mental state I worry about. It is a lot of stress on the student and families too as it’s hard (impossible really) to communicate with teachers who are teaching students in person when you’re on line and we miss half the conversation as we only hear the teacher talking and can’t hear any of the student’s answers. My son often feels like he’s lost and his grades are showing that (and also that we aren’t tech savvy!). I was just saying to my husband that it works best when they’re all in the building or when they’re all on line; this 1/2 and 1/2 stuff just divides everyone’s attention in half. And at the high school level the work isn’t any less it’s just more independent.

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