Wednesday Weekend Recap – 10/14/20

Happy Wednesday! We are officially halfway through another week! I feel like this week is going extra fast because I was off on Monday. I thought I’d share our fun weekend with you.

On Friday night, I joined my friends Jamie, Kerry, and Sarah for a walk and happy hour. Jamie was doing the Heart Association walk as a survivor and we were honored to walk with her. I just love Jamie so much and am so proud of her. That was one terribly scary day this summer when Jamie, age 40, had a heart attack. We had the best time walking and celebrating Jamie and her recovery! ❤️

I spent the night at my parents’ house on Friday night because we were planning to be on the road early. We were out the door by 6 am because we were heading to Atlanta to see my sister! I was so excited!! I hadn’t seen Annie since February when we were in Hilton Head Island for her bridal shower.

I have to say, road trips are amazing for reading. Luckily I don’t get carsick reading and I never have. I have always plowed through books while I’m riding in a car. This trip was no exception. I finished two books that I had started, read a third book, and started a fourth. It was lovely!

On Sunday, we got up to get ready for the shower. My dad and Annie’s husband, Zach, went to play golf while Mom and I got the house ready. It was a virtual shower, but we wanted to set the stage for Annie and have some yummy food for her. The shower was so lovely and Annie got some really cool things! She has just about everything she needs, except the baby. 😊

The happy parents-to-be 😍

Mom and I had mimosas but Annie had a momosa with non-alcoholic champagne.

Knowing it was a Zoom shower, Annie asked if we could get Cora’s Den to make some fun earrings for us. You know I was all in for that! We got the cutest earrings! I just love them!

I may have also thrown a few things in to save on shipping, of course. 😉

While we were gone, Luke had a soccer tournament. He played pretty well and even scored a goal, which is unusual for our defender.

We were up before the sun again on Monday to head home. I spent the majority of Tuesday teaching and catching up from the weekend.

And then, I spent Tuesday evening with one of my favorite authors!! I mentioned it yesterday in Tuesday Book Release Day and it was a fabulous time! I really love Elin Hilderbrand and all of the stories she has to share! Thank you to Malaprops in Asheville for bringing Elin to us!

I tried to get a great screenshot and this was the best I could do. Elin was amazing as always!

Tonight, I’ll be listening to Lisa Jewell thanks to my local bookstore, A Likely Story!! Feel free to join in – the info is right here!

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!!

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