Amazon Lately – 10/7/20

It’s the beginning of the month so it’s time to link up with Tanya to share what I’ve been priming. Getting this post ready, I think it might be easier to share what I haven’t been priming lately! 😂

We’ve gotten a few more school supplies. Luke’s playing percussion this year and Jack is continuing with the trumpet.

Jack’s working on the Mac and wanted a mouse instead of using the trackpad.

Jack wanted a few sporty whales for his laptop or water bottle.

Our mask collection is growing and we needed an easy way to store them. I picked up these magnetic hooks for our garage door. It makes it easy to grab one on your way out the door.

Along with those mask hooks, the kids and I got mask lanyards for when we go back to school. I know they’ll take them off for lunch and recess and I don’t want the masks to end up on the floor. Mine, Jack’s, and Luke’s

With everyone using devices for everything, I could never find a charger for phones or ipads, so I picked up two of these.

I sent a few of these to the boys teachers from last year to thank them and give them a little boost as we started the school year.

I did a little birthday present shopping for Jeff and a sweet one year old.

I decided to give this cardigan a try. I’ve seen it all over the internet and it is worth the hype. This cardigan is cozy and so super soft! I got tea rose and it looks pinker and oranger than this picture.

I also picked up a few layering t-shirts and tank tops.

The rest was books! So many books this month. Prime members get 2 First Reads pick this month and I started my Christmas book pile / e-pile for this year. You know I usually try to buy books from indie bookstores, but you can’t beat a “free” book. I know I pay for them with my Prime membership. Don’t worry, we supported our local bookstore, and other indies, this month, too.

I am in a Jenny Colgan Facebook group and this is our book club selection. I can’t wait to read it!
My First Reads selection for September
For Jack – He thought it was good but very short! 😢
Also for Jack – He was so excited to get a new to him Mike Lupica book.

I also picked up this book as a gift for a baby shower. I grabbed a few other things too, but the shower hasn’t happened yet and the mama is an avid reader of the blog. At least she should be. 😉 I’m talking to you Annie!! ❤️

We call this book Mommy’s favorite at our house because I read it to my boys every single night and most mornings, too. It’s silly but so very sweet. In fact, I may read it to them again tonight because they both still have a copy on their bookshelves.

That’s it. I left a few things on Amazon for the rest of you. 😉 I’m hoping my Amazoning is a little less next month but we’ll see as we gear up for Christmas! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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