What’s Up Wednesday – 9/30/20

Happy Wednesday! I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer to share what we’ve been up to. I’m answering a bunch of questions, so let’s get to it!

Sunday – We ate at the golf course.
Monday – meatballs
Tuesday – pizza and salad
Wednesday – chicken tacos
Thursday – shrimp
Friday – grilled cheese
Saturday – pancakes or out
Sunday – We’ll probably eat at the golf course again.

I am reminiscing about some fun birthdays. My sister’s 30th birthday when we surprised her at a Darius Rucker concert in Savannah was so fun!

My 30th birthday surprise birthday party was a lot of fun!

Our Bermuda trip to celebrate 60/30/30 (29). My dad is 30 years older than me and my sister is not quite a year younger so we do one big celebration.

Jeff’s surprise 30th birthday party that showed up at our house was a blast! I have no idea where those pictures are…

Jeff’s 40th birthday celebrations were so much fun, too!

The celebration gang

Jeff’s grandmother’s 80th birthday party – oh that was a very very fun night 16 years ago!!!

We’ve also been talking a lot about my parents’ surprise 40th birthday parties. My mom got arrested for being too old and they played Taps in the car behind the police car taking her to the party. My dad got wheeled into his 40th birthday party and his college friends thought something had happened and he was really wheelchair bound. I was 9 and 11 for those parties and had no idea just how much fun my parents were!!!

I got 2 new stainless steel tumblers from Swig and I love them! I got a 32 ounce tumbler for my water, a 22 ounce tumbler for iced tea and Diet Coke, and a “Surprise Swig” which was a travel mug for hot tea. I love them all! My cold drinks stay cold forever!! My hot drink stayed so hot, I had to put ice cubes in it. I love love love them!!

I initially fell in love with swig when I picked up some wine glasses this summer – shells and surfboards – as a little souvenir from our beach trips. Then I found out that they are stainless steel that can go in the dishwasher!! You heard that correctly – Swig tumblers and mugs are dishwasher safe! Yes, that’s me doing a celebration dance over here!

I am also loving some of the things I have added to my work from home routine. I am going to miss them when we head back into the building in a few weeks. I’ve been burning a cozy fall scented candle all day. Right now I am between Warm Apple Pie and Autumn Wreath. I am also loving eating my lunch outside in the warm sunshine. As I eat, I try to read at least one chapter of the kids’ book I am reading for work at the time. It’s such a wonderful reset and refresh in the middle of the day.

I love seeing my kids learning all day. They are both pretty independent and I’m just monitoring throughout the day. I do love hearing them interact with their teachers and their classmates. I love hearing what they are learning. It adds a little normalcy to hear Luke’s teachers because they are my colleagues and I usually hear them at school. It has been any easier transition to middle school for me. Remember, Jack and I have been at school together since first grade. I could pop in and see him during all the special events and talked with his teachers about what they were teaching for my job. I’m going to miss hearing all of that.

Well, I turned 40!! We celebrated over the weekend and had a fun happy hour at the house on my actual birthday. I’ve only been 40 for 7 days, but it’s going great!!

We are still in the middle of birthday season over here. We have 7 birthdays in 25 days! It’s a wild run of fun! But by the end, we are getting creative with the cakes. For Jeff’s birthday, we are having everyone’s favorite peanut butter bars! I played with the recipe this time and if it’s delicious, I’ll share it.

I wouldn’t say I am dreading this as much as I am a completely nervous wreck about how it’s going to go. We start hybrid in a few weeks and the rules keep changing for what we can do and how we are going to do it. Jeff’s working at school 5 days a week. I will be working in school 4 days a week. The boys will be in school 2 days a week. Thank goodness they are the same two days. We will be live teaching all the kids all 5 days. I’m still working on how to be a great media specialist to half a class in my media center and half a class at home on their computer.

I’ve been working on a few things lately. My library is just about finished. I am still waiting to for the top pieces which will take the shelving all the way to the ceiling, but they are out of stock through the end of October. So here it is.

I love it so much! It brings me so much joy and it is a perfect backdrop for my google meets. The kids love the Lego face back there.

I am also working on a major home improvement project. We have another meeting with the contractor and the architect this afternoon and my fingers are crossed that by tonight we will ready to go. In addition to the expanding our space, it will also mean that my kitchen can be put back together. We still have cabinets off the wall, dishes on the counter, a small loaner microwave on my cabinet, and holes in the wall and ceiling. And it’s been that way since MARCH 20TH!!!!

Jack has been playing in an Under Armour junior golf tour all around the Baltimore metro area and it’s so fun to watch.

I am excited to start reading some seasonal books. I am looking at you Christmas books!

I am excited for Tuesday because the third book in Elin Hilderbrand’s Paradise series comes out!! If you need me, I’ll be reading my signed/personalized copy from Mitchel’s Book Corner in Nantucket!

I’ve been watching Frazier as I fall asleep at night. I didn’t watch when it was on the first time, but I am really enjoying it now. I am getting excited for fall Hallmark season too! I don’t usually start watching Hallmark until October 1st, so this weekend is going to be good! Jeff won’t be here and I can watch all the Hallmark movies!!

I have been reading significantly less recently because I have been working WAY more than I do in a normal school year. This virtual learning is no joke!! My days are no where near as long as a classroom teacher’s but my eyes still close just about as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I found that as soon as my work day is officially over, playing music is the very best way to have a great evening. My top three this month have been Country Beach Party and 90’s Hip Hop Happy Hour on Amazon Music and any Bruce Springsteen music. Have you heard his new song Ghosts? Oh my goodness!! It’s so good!!!

I have been loving all of the fun necklaces and earrings that are perfect for Google Meets.

I picked up this comfy and cute top the other day. It’s a workout top, but I think I’ll wear it as more athleisure than a workout top. I’m definitely ordering it in at least one more color.

Jeff’s going on a golf trip with some of his high school friends, so the boys and I are on our own. The weekend will look a lot like last weekend – full of kids’ activities! Luke has a soccer game and lacrosse. Jack has swim team and a golf tournament.

I am hoping to spend all the time we are at home catching up / getting ahead on life and having fun with the boys. Luke loves to cook with me so I am planning to make some homemade Chex mix with him. Jack loves to play board games so I am planning to play a few.

I get to go see my sister!!! I haven’t traveled anywhere but the beach since February for my sister’s bridal shower. Guess what?? My parents and I are going to Atlanta for her baby shower!! Isn’t that the best news ever??? I am so excited to see her in real life it will have been almost 8 months!! We never go that long – darn COVID!!!

I think that about covers it. Right now my brain is thinking about school, school, school, kids sports, and house on repeat. I am hoping to get back to reading a bit more though. It calms me down a bit and refreshes my brain.

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!!

6 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday – 9/30/20

  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady says:

    All of the parties sound SO fun….I am in love with the Swig cups too…I drink coffee out of one every morning…keeps it hot for hours! Your library is coming out amazing…I love those shelves…best of luck transitioning back to your building…I will be thinking of you XO

  2. Joanne says:

    I am loving your bookcases! I really do not get how teachers are teaching both in classroom and online at the same time.. I know my son said it was hard on Monday when he was home and 1/2 the students were in class because he had questions but couldn’t get answers since he couldn’t get the teacher’s attention. I keep reminding him to just do his best; that’s all anyone is doing and as long as he’s trying that will be noticed as many students in our state aren’t really participating in any classes!

  3. natashajk says:

    How exciting you get to see your sister again!!! And I am in awe of the teachers doing both virtual and in person learning — I can’t imagine how hard that is.

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