Hello Monday – 9/21/20

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend, but it was definitely not long enough! As I was walking around the house on Sunday evening tackling little jobs and getting ready for the week, I realized I wasn’t quite ready to do another five day week of virtual learning. So I decided to take Sunday evening to get ready, really quickly! I’m linking up with Tanya and the Hello Monday girls. (I’m still sticking with my summer image because it’s still summer for 1 more day!!!)

2:45 pm on Friday is quittin’ time! I wore my seashell earrings on Friday and they are so fun on camera!
Luke went to swim practice on Friday afternoon and I powered through my to do list. It felt good to get a bunch done!
I had a great workout on Saturday morning. I love this resilient print! It’s one of my favorite workout tank tops! I love the print so much, you’re going to see it again in this post!
Great Gram with 6 of her 7 great grandchildren ❤️
Grandma Karen and Chief with all of their grandkids! ❤️
Triple headband cuties! Ready to play hard!
Go Noodle! Go Meat! We a bunch of duplicate names on the soccer team so a few of the kids go by nicknames – here are Noodle and Meat.
I was one proud mama after Luke’s game today! He played so well and so did the whole team!!
That sunset! 😍
We had an early birthday celebration with some good friends this weekend! 4-0, oh my!!
I love my 2020 earrings and my 40 tiara! Let’s do this!
How cute are these shoes? I got them earlier this month at DSW for $9.99!! And they are so comfy!! (Excuse my unpainted toes, but I’ve been wearing sneakers for the past month since I got my surfing injury.)
Aahhhh! I love this place! Sunday was the last day for the pool. Only 250 days until the pool opens again!
I did one last bit of summer reading at the pool on Sunday!
My pool buddy
It got warm enough in the sun to take my sweatshirt off, but not even close to swimming weather for me!
This is my favorite print from Fellow Flowers! I’ve been wanting to hang it in our bathroom with some sunrise/sunset pictures and we finally did it. 😍
Jack started playing on a Junior Golf Tour on Sunday. He’s playing at 5 different golf courses in the Baltimore metro area. This week was his first round and he did really well! Proud Mama part 2!
Have a great day full of sunshine and books! I hope I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Tuesday Book Release Day!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    Oh I just love that you all got to celebrate great gram’s birthday! So many of our elderly population are starved for human interaction. What a cutie she is too! I would never in a million years have guessed her age.

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