Friday Favorites – 8/14/20

Happy Friday! I cannot believe we are almost halfway through August!! It feels like it is flying by! I have a few favorites to share with you this week and I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea, too.

Favorite 1: SUNSHINE!! After a week of sunrises at the beach, I caught a glimpse of a sunset and it was beautiful!

I also caught a beautiful sunrise on one of my walks this week.

The sunshine made a beautiful rainbow while Luke and his team were practicing on a humid evening.

Favorite 2: BOOKS! I was so excited to be part of the cover reveal team for Patti Callahan’s new book, Surviving Savannah. It looks like another fantastic historical fiction book. She wrote Becoming Mrs. Lewis and you should check it out if you haven’t read it.

I shared the 7 books I read last month. I’m slowing down a little this month with some work meetings and no vacation, but I’m still reading some good stuff!

Favorite 3: PARENTS!! We got some not so good news about our AC unit this week. It needed about 4 lbs of Freon and it will need to be replaced very, very soon. Like most things, we want to wait to replace it until we get this addition done because we will need to move the outside unit. Freon costs about $100/lb and I was not looking forward to that bill. I called my mom to vent a little and she said, “I’m pretty sure your dad has Freon at the office.” The angels started singing!! Can you hear them?? This can of amazing gas saved us hundreds of dollars and now our AC is working like a dream! We’re still going to replace it, but we don’t have to do it right now.

Favorite 4: THE POOL!! Our pool has been empty lately. Usually we offer August memberships to people on the waitlist, but because of COVID we didn’t this year. Lots of people are on vacation or tired of the pool, but not us! It’s been like a private pool lately!

Three almost middle school buddies!

The little boys started building a little fort in a tree at the top of the hill at the beginning of summer. They’ve pulled so many things out of the woods that we’ve started to affectionately call it “Shantytown”. Now pretty much every little kid at the pool spends some time in Shantytown each day and they are all having the best time. These boys built a few platforms and a harness way up high (just in case). There have been multiple pet turtles and frogs that manage to escape. It has been such a great thing for everyone this summer!

Favorite 5: NEW STUFF!! I picked up some new running shoes and they are so cushiony! It feels like I am walking on pillows!! I realized I haven’t gotten new running sneakers in a year and it is definitely time with all the walking and running we’ve been doing.

Jack is into Vineyard Vines now, so of course Luke is too. The boys wanted t-shirts as the beach souvenir. Jack picked an Outer Banks shirt and Luke picked on with a surfboard on it.

Favorite 6: CLOROX!! My friend’s neighbor basically stalks Amazon for Clorox wipes. She sent the alert out the other day and I was able to get 9 cans of 75 wipes. It felt a little like Christmas morning when they came, a very sad Christmas morning, but exciting none the less. As we are going to more places, I like to have them there to wipe down surfaces before we touch them.

Favorite 7: DESKS!! I shared my desk as part of Let’s Look this month and I loved looking at everyone else’s desks too. We are still working out where the boys are going to do their virtual schooling but my desk is ready for some exciting media teaching! I also shared a little dose of real life over here in that post. My desk doesn’t always look this good. 😉

This was a big blogging week on Sunshine & Books. Here’s what happened:
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That’s all for this week’s favorites! I hope you enjoyed them. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 8/14/20

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    What a great post of favorites! Especially the Clorox wipes and Freon 😂My son is pretty low maintenance but loves a Vineyard Vines shirt or two. I told him we’d go there to get a couple new shirts for back to school…

  2. rawsonjl says:

    Yay for free Freon! LOL. That is great that your father had some for you. That “private” pool is just fabulous.

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