Hello Monday – 5/18/20

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend and I have a few pictures to share. I am linking up with Tanya and the Hello Monday girls.

First, I want to share something funny that happened. As we were putting the boys to bed, Jeff mentioned that we hadn’t had a calendar meeting in a while. So after we tucked the boys in, we headed downstairs and opened our calendars. I pulled out my favorite Erin Condren and Jeff opened up his computer calendar. We stared at the calendars for a moment and just laughed. There is still absolutely no need to have a calendar meeting. It was comical, but a little sad.

Even though I don’t have anything to put in the calendar just yet, I am still researching the new Erin Condren Daily Duo planner for this year. I think I am going to take the plunge and try a new layout. I feel like it is a fail proof plan because I can always go back and order my standard favorite – the vertical colorful life planner.

The weather this weekend could not have been more beautiful!! We spent every single possible minute outside on Friday and Saturday. I have a big stack of books to read in the next few weeks for school so I got right to it. I plopped my beach chair in the driveway and started reading. The first book I read was The Unteachables by Gordon Korman. It is a great middle grade novel and I am going to have both of my kids read it. Gordon Korman just gets kids and his realistic fiction books are some of my favorites!

On Saturday, we decided to walk to get frozen yogurt. The shop is about 1.25 miles away. We asked some friends to meet us there for a little social distanced fun. Well, it was closed. So we all marched ourselves there for nothing. It was so nice to see them for a while, but I had some hot, disappointed kiddos when we got home. I convinced them that freeze pops would be the best way to cool down. It was! Jeff and I were accidentally matching – USA!

Then we added some water balloons to the cool down fun.

We ate dinner outside and joined our next door neighbors for a fire pit and s’mores to end the night.

On Sunday, we had a pool board meeting to try to figure out how we are going to get the pool open safely. Then we hung around the house for the rest of the day. I took a nap and the guys watched the live golf on tv.

Then, we had a zoom with my dad’s brothers and sister before dinner. We ended the night with Jeff’s 60th Home School lesson. The boys learned about the Baltimore Orioles Dynasty from 1966-71. A little Orioles Magic to end the night.

Jack pulled his tooth out this afternoon so we’ll have a visit from the tooth fairy to discover this morning. Unfortunately, the weather doesnt look so great for this week, but I am holding on to some hope that the sun will break through the clouds and rain.

I hope you have a great day full of sunshine and books!

6 thoughts on “Hello Monday – 5/18/20

  1. scottaew says:

    I need new books! I am hoping to find someone to swap with. We are on our last 8 days for me and 5 for the boys! Hope your weather is better than predicted!

  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady says:

    Sounds like the perfect little weekend Sarah- it almost makes me feel normal when we can see friends outside- also would love some more recommendations from you for middle school readers as well as a reader going into first grade 🙂 You can always email me at hbinda@yahoo.com

  3. Tanya says:

    I have felt the same way about my calendar. I take a look at the beginning of the week, and it’s just days of nothing! I’m glad you had a nice sunny weekend. Ours was rainy, but I was ok with that. I’m also wondering how our pools will open this summer. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road

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