Hello Monday – 3/16/20

Well, this has been quite a weekend of staying home and staying away from people. Maryland closed all public schools starting today for at least two weeks so we have been trying to figure out this new way of doing things for a little while. I’m trying to keep things light with the boys while enforcing the message that this isn’t fun and games. We’ve been doing a lot more handwashing and haven’t really been going out.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL on Friday. When Jack and I got home from school, Luke stayed home from school waiting for his 24 hour fever free time period to pass, they headed out to play. The boys were outside for most of the afternoon and evening playing in our yard and driveway. I read on our porch for a while. It was lovely for a March Friday!

I was ready for the Players and my 13 glasses of wine (across our 14 days off) until it got cancelled.

Jack and I were supposed to be at a travel swim meet and Luke had a soccer tournament but that was all clearly canceled. Everything has been cancelled. It got a little unnerving when emails were coming in one after another canceling everything – practices, games, meets, meetings – but I really believe that it is for the best.

Our calendar has never looked like this. It’s a little daunting to be home with nothing to do, but I’m trying to embrace it.

I started thinking of rules to make our “coronacation” go smoother. I’ve been making them up as we go along and this is what I have so far:

I’ve also started thinking about a schedule to keep the kids on track with the school work that was sent home. I also want them to work on their typing skills and religious ed work. We spent the weekend playing, like kids should, but there is some work to be done during the school week. I’ve seen a bunch of schedules online that are a good suggestion, but they aren’t quite for us. I liked this one, but it’s also not quite for us.

I slept for almost 10 hours on Friday night! It was amazing! Jeff and I went for a walk around our neighborhood while the kids played. The boys and I went to the track and ran in the afternoon. Then in the evening, we went for a family walk around our neighborhood. We played a rousing game of Clue Master Detective after our walk and then the boys headed to bed.

My guys were struggling a little bit without any live sports on tv. They finally stumbled upon rugby in South Africa. The cheers were probably heard around the neighborhood. My kids know very little about rugby, but they were willing to learn!

On Sunday morning, I started tackling my massive to do list for the next two weeks. I managed to clean out our shoe rack and the bin that holds the kids sports bags. We had a ridiculous amount of old sneakers that I was holding on to for muddy days. I filled bags of them and sent them to our St. Vincent de Paul donation bin.

Motivated and hoping to get this all done by 3/29
So much more organized and ready for spring!

Luke wanted to practice his typing and he was doing a pretty good job on Sunday morning! I am sharing some fun websites to keep kids learning on my library twitter throughout the next few weeks. Check it out @Library_EES

Jeff and I went for our walk. The boys and I went to the track. We ran into a friend and played a little soccer together. They maintained pretty close to 6 feet distance and all of us are feeling healthy.

I ran with my silver flower because I am trying to stay positive about all this. I keep looking for the silver lining in this whole situation: I’m spending time with my family. I don’t have to worry about working during the time my kids are home. My freezer and pantry are stocked. The weather is sunny and warm enough to be outside. I have more books than I can possibly read during this time. I’m going to keep adding to this list.

I love this message! It puts it all in perspective and gives a positive outlook!

Jeff decided he’s going to be doing his own version of home schooling during our coronacation. He is going to teach the boys about great athletes or spectacular sporting events that happened before the boys were born. Day 1: The Fab Five. Day 2: Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus playing Pinehurst #2 on the Wonderful World of Golf.

If you need us this week, we’ll be home! I’ll be reading, tackling that list, and helping the boys stay on track with their work. Have a great, healthy day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Tanya says:

    You have such a positive attitude about all of this…way to go! We are enjoying lots of walks and yard work around here. Take care!

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