Hello Monday – 3/9/20

Happy Monday! I am linking up with the Hello Monday girls today to share our weekend. We had a fun weekend and I was home all weekend for it.

Jeff came to our school on Friday morning for our 5th grade Career Day. Jack was excited to have his dad at school and so were a bunch of the other kids at school. Even though he works long hours, Jeff made his job seem very fun for the kids.

We were all home pretty early on Friday evening and made it an early to bed night. I fell asleep on the couch around 9 and Jeff ushered me up to bed around 11. I slept until after 8 on Saturday morning. Eleven hours of sleep – that NEVER happens!! I am an early riser and struggle to fall back to sleep after I’ve woken up.

Waking up after 8 am!! Woohoo!!

Jack had his last round of playoff basketball on Saturday. The boys played really well and won their first game. They lost the second game but I am still so proud of Jack, Jeff, and their team!!

That’s our 00 catching the ball and ready to shoot the 3!!

We had the baseball bull roast right after the second game on Saturday evening. This is our second time attending the bull roast and I still say it is the most fun winter party in town. There are a ton of people there and we always have fun.

I got new lip glosses / lipsticks / lip balms from Ulta that Amanda recommended and I love them! They go on clear and use the pH of your lips to change to a good color for you.

I’m wearing shine and beam.

I wore some fun jewelry too! I love these 2020 earrings from Cora’s Den and these bracelets from Sassy Rocks.

It’s a big fundraiser for the travel baseball team going to the Cooperstown tournament so there are tons of raffles, 50/50s, and a silent auction. Last year, I bid on a spray tan package and won. This year I bid on a book party at my favorite bookstore and won. I am so excited to schedule the party!

After a LATE night at the bull roast and the clocks moving forward, Luke’s 8 am soccer game felt super early. Luke played in the goal and on the field. He played really well and I am so proud of him and his team!

After Luke’s game, I headed to get my bridesmaid dress hemmed. My dress for my sister’s wedding came in and it is beautiful! No sneak peeks though. You’ll have to wait until April! I met Jamie to do a 5k. We did a run/walk around the track and it was so lovely. I know I say this every single time we run, but it is so good for my soul to take that time with Jamie. We solve all the world’s problems and catch up while getting a workout. We got together to run the Zooma International Women’s Day 5k.

Apple activity had an award for International Women’s Day!

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to cross things off my to do list – napping, reading, meal planning, packing lunches, checking our calendar for the week, and cleaning up. Jeff and I went for a walk in all that sunshine while dinner was in the oven. It is so nice to have full sunshine all afternoon and most of the evening! We’ll see how tomorrow morning goes when we are back in the dark. I hope you have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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