Hello Monday – 2/17/20

Happy Monday! I had grand plans of sharing our weekend with you early this morning like normal. But then I fell asleep watching the NBA All Star game with my guys in our comfy chair.

Our weekend was pretty jam packed but we saw a bunch of grandparents, had some great sporty moments for our boys, and spent a bunch of time together.

We spent Friday night at our local high school. The two teams in town were playing each other and it is always a great game. Unfortunately, the high school our boys will go to didn’t win. It was an exciting game, even with that disappointing end. The boys headed to bed right after the game because we all had an early start on Saturday.

My boys’ outfits on Valentine’s Day are exactly them – Jack: nobody tells me what to wear, Luke – I will wear ALL the red!

Jack and I were up EARLY to get to a swim meet and Jeff and Luke were right behind us to get to basketball. Jack was swimming in a last chance meet to qualify for Junior Championships and he did it! He swam Saturday and Sunday morning. He improved 3 times and was right on his best times for the others. Jack is now swimming 5 events at the meet and I am super proud of him.

Jack has been friends with Micah since kindergarten. They played each other in basketball last weekend and were both at the same meet this weekend. I love watching their friendship grow and am sad they won’t be in middle school together next year. They have so much fun together!

Jeff dashed to coach a basketball game and my dad brought Luke to Jeff’s game after Luke’s was over. Pop said he and Luke had some fun conversations in the car. I can only imagine… Luke can be so funny and silly sometimes.

We all met up in town before heading back out. Jeff took/coached Jack’s basketball game and I took Luke to a soccer game. My dad and Jeff’s parents came to cheer Luke on.

On Sunday, Jack had his swim meet and an evening basketball game. The boys went to play with friends and Jeff and I took a nice long walk. It was so beautiful outside! The sun was shining and warmed it up perfectly outside.

We all snuggled in to watch the first quarter of the NBA All Star game. Jeff and the kids tell me it was a good game, but I was out cold.

We all headed to the gym on Monday morning. I took a Pilates class in the sunshine. It was heavenly!

We’ll be in that pool soon enough! 96 days to be exact.

I started using a new curl lotion because my Ulta isn’t carrying the old one anymore. I’m still figuring it out and this morning my hair was super curly and voluminous. The boys all looked at me like something was wrong with my hair after the gym, but I kinda like it! It fell a bit through the day, but it was still fun and extra curly!

Luke played a soccer game on Monday and the soccer moms got the camo pants memo. We went to lunch at Chevy’s. Jeff and I used to go there all the time before we were married and it was just as tasty as I remembered.

Monday afternoon was beautiful again! Jeff and Jack played golf while Luke played outside and I read Summer of 79, the 60 page follow up to Summer of 69 by Elin Hilderbrand. We are back to the grind tomorrow and I soaked up all the relaxing I could on today.

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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