Friday Favorites – 2/7/20

Happy Friday! I am sharing some of my favorites from the week after trying to get back into our routine. I’m linking up with the Narci and the girls for Friday Favorites.

Favorite 1: ARUBA!!! Oh my goodness, I loved Aruba! I am not one to go back to places that I’ve already been because there are so many places I want to go in the world. But Aruba has my vacationing heart. I just loved it. The sun, the sand, the breeze, the lovely people, everything about it was just right! It was so great to spend 5 grown up days with Jeff! We had so much fun with three other couples on that one happy island.

Still wearing my bracelet in case I can hop on a plane and head on back! 😍 😎 ☀️

Favorite 2: GIGI!! My mom held down the fort while we were gone and we are so thankful. Last night at dinner, Jack said he didn’t really miss us because he was having too much fun with Gigi. Could it get any more perfect than that? Gigi ran our crazy sports schedule, got everyone to our super early school on time, made delicious dinners, and gave our boys the best 5 days! Thanks Mom!!

Favorite 3: LILLY!! I rocked a bunch of Lilly on our trip and she helped to ease my transition back to chilly, gray weather. I am a Lilly girl for life!

Favorite 4: VALENTINE’S DAY!! I shared some of my Valentine’s Day favorites last week and my sweet sister reminded me that I forgot to mention the heart shaped balloons that my parents gave us every year. C’mon Sarah, how’d I miss that one?? I picked up a few Cora’s Den earrings for Valentine’s Day and this fun cozy sweater.

Favorite 5: PACKING CUBES!! I love how organized my packing cubes kept my suitcases while we were away. It was so nice to know where everything was and keep the clean clothes away from the dirty ones.

Favorite 6: BOOKS!! I finished one book (The Confessions Club), read another one (Feels Like Falling), and started a third (Summer Longing) while we were away. It was so relaxing to read with that beautiful water and sand right there. I also loved looking up and seeing all 8 of us reading our books on the beach. 😍

I am excited about our weekend! I am having some friends over to celebrate Declare It Day Saturday morning. Jack’s and Luke’s sporting events don’t overlap for the first time in forever so we all get to see them play! This is our quiet weekend before things get a little hectic for the rest of the month. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 2/7/20

  1. rawsonjl says:

    I always say I don’t want to vacation someplace we’ve already been… and yet I do end up falling in love with so many of the places I have a hard time not going back! Aruba could be dangerous for sure; sun, sand, perfect temps… sound heavenly.

  2. kristywharvey says:

    Love that you had such a great trip!!! Thank you for reading Feels Like Falling ❤️❤️ I hope you enjoyed it! xoxo

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