Hello Monday – 12/9/19

Happy Monday! Today’s number is 10 – we have 10 days of school until winter break!!

We had a fun weekend full of Christmas cheer and sports. I broke out my Christmas lights cord to keep my phone charged with power and Christmas cheer while I was driving around.

Jack went to his first travel swim meet this weekend. This was his first swim meet with trials and finals and I was so excited for him. Jack swim really well and dropped over 35 seconds in 5 events on Friday and Sunday.

Luke had his first travel basketball games this weekend. He did really well and his team won both games!

Jack had his first regular season travel basketball game. He played really well. The team lost by 1 – bummer – but they play again on Tuesday night. It is so nice to have both boys playing for the same program. 😍

Jeff and I had a super fun Christmas party on Saturday night. We had so much fun that I only took a few pictures. Kourtni always makes such great food and decorates her house so beautifully that I am sure a magazine will be knocking on her door soon.

I took the boys to one of my favorite Christmas traditions on Sunday evening – the drive through nativity at one of the local churches. The youth group puts is on and they did a great job this year, as usual. This year was a little extra fun because a bunch of my former students were in the nativity.

These sweet pictures make me smile to see those sweet little boys enjoying the nativity year after year. 2017




I squeezed in my 30+ minutes of intentional moment on Saturday and Sunday. I ran in the morning and did some weight lifting activities in my pjs later that day. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, as long as you are moving!!

That sums up our weekend. Have a great week full of sunshine and books, and Christmas cheer!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    We have yet to get out and go driving around to look at/for lights but it’s on my list. We used to dress in jammies and bring cookies & cocoa with us too but now that my boys are older they prefer to just wear their regular clothes.

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