Favorite Amazon Finds – 12/4/19

Happy Wednesday! I didn’t think I was going to share my Amazon finds this month because it is mostly surprises. Then I found out the link up was your favorite finds of the year, so here I am linking up with Tanya.


I picked up a bunch of books on Amazon for my kindle this year. I don’t usually buy many kindle books because I use NetGalley but there are some that I can’t get there so Amazon it is, especially when I want to read them on vacation.


Everyone in my family got packing cubes this year and we love them!! It makes it so much easier to pack, travel, repack, and keep ourselves organized when traveling. The boys love them and use them to keep their outfits together and their clean clothes separate from their dirty clothes. I love them because I can easily pack more outfits in my bag and I have plenty of options on vacation! I gave a set to my sister and she loves them too!!


Along the same lines as the packing cubes, my cord organizer makes travel so much easier! This one has a bunch of pockets to keep all the cords and plugs we need to stay charged anywhere.


I have wanted one of these for years and finally pushed order this year. It is so fun to charge my phone now!


This is my second Judith March hat from Amazon and I love the way they fit my head. They are already worn in and soft as can be.


All 4 of us found button down shirts that we loved on Amazon this year! I love the Amazon Essentials ladies shirts. The boys love the Look by Crewcuts shirts. Jeff loves the Goodthreads men’s slim fit.


Amazon Essentials for the win again. This sweater is comfy and I love the leopard print!


I found these pull on jeans and love them!! They are black denim, keep their shape, are comfy as can be, and I can wear them to work any day I want.


It may seem a little gross, but ears fascinate me. My boys were complaining about their ears early in the year so I ordered this on Amazon. It has been one of my most used items all year.


I love a page-a-day calendar and this one has been a favorite all year long. I keep it on my desk at work and enjoy the new message each day. I think I am going to get this one next year.

Happy Wednesday! I hope your day is full of sunshine and books and Amazon success!

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