Hello Monday – 11/4/19

Happy Monday! We had a fun weekend and I’m excited to share it with you! I’m linking up with Tanya and the Hello Monday girls to share it.

My Friday Favorites post was short last week because last week felt a little extra. It was a busy week with Book Fair at school and Halloween. It was extra fun for sure, but it I took a little extra out of me, too.

We carved our pumpkin on Wednesday evening. I like to keep at least one pumpkin uncarved so it can stay out until Thanksgiving. We ended up keeping 2 uncarved pumpkins this year because the boys thought that one of ours looked like a booty and they wanted to keep that one around too. Boys… 🤦🏽‍♀️

I also spent Wednesday doing a little Cora’s Den shopping! She had a pre-Black Friday sale and I cleaned up. I love her bubble gum necklaces! I love her monogram necklaces! I got a few of each for a great deal and used my birthday gift certificate.

I was running a little behind getting costumes ready for the boys. I squeezed in a quick run in my Halloween running shirt after I painted Jack’s yellow helmet stripe. It didn’t dry as quickly as I’d hoped so I was blow drying the helmet while the kids ate dinner.

One of Jack’s buddies trick-or-treated with us this year.

I do the Scholastic Book Fair each year and this was our best year yet! There were lots of new books to choose from and way less stuff. We changed some things this year and I am so pleased with how it went. We used to do 3 raffles and the winners got big baskets of books, journals, and prizes related to the themes (pirate ship rides, dinner at Medieval Times, etc.). This year we decided to spread the wealth and for the same cost plus donations from families at our school, over 55 students were able to get free books! It’s was a great change!

I also changed the teacher prizes to make it a bingo game with popular titles and characters from the Book Fair. We had more winners and that means more books in classrooms. Win-Win!

After 8 school days of previewing and wish lists and shopping, I was one thankful librarian. We had an incredible year of sales, gave more books away, and got to welcome a bunch of families after school for our family event. It was great! I was also a little thankful to pack it up and get back to normal library business, too.

We had a family filled weekend! On Friday evening, we went to Jeff’s parents’ house to celebrate his dad’s birthday and our niece’s birthday. It was the first time we’d all been together in months. Way too long!

On Saturday morning, I got up and headed to my parents’ house. My sister was in town for her shower and I wanted to spend the day with her. We talked all wedding all day and it was fun!! We had aunts, uncles, and cousins come to town for the shower and it was fabulous to see them and really catch up.

Three of my mom’s good friends threw the loveliest shower for Annie! They thought of everything Annie would love – the food, the mimosas, the colors, and even the funfetti cake!

The very cool part of this shower is that my mom had her bridal shower at the same house when she got married!

Look – Annie and Mom in the same spot opening their presents!

My dad and uncle went to Luke’s soccer game with Jeff and Jack while the ladies were at the shower. Luke played so well and we excited to have the all boy cheering squad.

Everyone came back to my parents’ house for dinner and more catching up time. The day was so much fun! I know I keep saying it, but it really was.

When I got home, I put the boys to bed and watched Merry & Bright! Mary Kay Andrews, one of my favorites, was a producer and I am pretty sure she wrote the movie, or at least part of it. I loved it!!

On Sunday morning, I spent 10 hours at a swim meet. Jack swam in the morning and Luke swam in the afternoon. We grabbed a yummy lunch at Moe’s in between and I am looking forward to the leftovers at lunch today.

I have seen Uglies bathing suits for girls for years but they never made them for boys. Until now! We found Uglies suits at the meet this weekend and both boys got these. Aren’t they cute?? I mean cool, aren’t they cool??

When we got home on Sunday, it was dinner, showers, a little football, reading and off to bed.

We have lots of fun things to look forward to – the Fun Run at school, a Publisher’s Book Talk at my favorite bookstore, 2 evenings at a local winery, and a soccer tournament. I saw this online recently and I feel like this is my life lately. But, I do think things are going to slow down after this week. 😂

Have a great week full of sunshine and books!

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